AP: Tom Wolf Wins Democratic Nod for PA Governor

Tom Wolf (Provided photo)

Tom Wolf (Provided photo)

HARRISBURG – The Associated Press has called the Democratic gubernatorial race in favor of Tom Wolf.

Wolf, a businessman from York County, will be the party’s nominee to challenge Gov. Tom Corbett in the November general election.

“I’m truly honored and humbled to be your Democratic nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania,” stated Wolf in a Facebook post.

“It’s time to give Pennsylvania a fresh start so we can focus on jobs, on education and on restoring William Penn’s founding principles of fairness and equality for all.”

Also, State Sen. Mike Stack of Philadelphia will be the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania, according to an AP report. Stack’s win means he will be the running mate of Wolf.

Stack defeated former U.S. Rep. Mark Critz of Johnstown, Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski, State Rep. Brandon Neuman of Washington County and Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith.

2014 General Primary (Unofficial Returns)

*** 9,143 out of 9,186 Districts (99.53%) Reporting Statewide ***


Republican: Candidate, Votes, Percentage

  • CORBETT, THOMAS W. JR (REP), 368,995, 100.00%


Democratic: Candidate, Votes, Percentage 

  • WOLF, THOMAS W (DEM), 484,495, 57.90%
  • MCCORD, ROBERT M (DEM), 141,031, 16.85%
  • MCGINTY, KATIE A. (DEM), 64,044, 7.65%
  • SCHWARTZ, ALLYSON Y (DEM), 147,248, 17.60%


Lieutenant Governor

Republican: Candidate, Votes, Percentage

  • CAWLEY, JIM (REP), 395,845, 100.00%


Democratic: Candidate, Votes, Percentage

  • STACK, MICHAEL J III (DEM), 347,890, 46.75%
  • CRITZ, MARK S (DEM), 118,339, 15.90%
  • SMITH, MARK W JR (DEM), 108,683, 14.60%
  • NEUMAN, BRANDON P (DEM), 80,661, 10.84 %
  • KOPLINSKI, BRAD J (DEM), 88,644, 11.91%


Representative in the General Assembly

73rd Legislative District

Republican: Candidate, Votes, Percentage

  • SANKEY, THOMAS R III (REP), 2,762, 100.00%


75th Legislative District

Republican: Candidate Votes, Percentage

  • GABLER, MATTHEW M (REP), 3,237, 100.00%


Democratic: Candidate, Votes, Percentage

  • DONAHUE, JOHN F (DEM), 3,652, 100.00%


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