Clearfield Borough Hears Preliminary Plans for Stinky Run

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough Engineer Todd Banks of Stiffler, McGraw and Associates Inc. reported last night to council on preliminary plans for major drainage repairs for Stinky Run.

The small stream drains under Woodland Road near 11th Street. It’s been creating road damage and hazardous ice conditions in winter.

Banks said plans and budget will be finalized in the next few weeks for an enclosed piping system that will cross under Woodland Road, extend along Evans Street, under SR 322 and the railroad tracks to drain into the river. He explained the system will include two 60-inch pipes with a cement box under the railroad.

Banks said this will require major excavation, with minimum burial depth of 8.5 feet. He noted the project will include necessary utility relocation, adding that gas and water lines will be minor issues, but that the mass of sewage laterals and collection pipes will be a problem.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott suggested the project may be an option for Community Development Block Grant funding.

Banks also reported on plans for paving projects. Daisy Street is the primary location for summer paving, which Banks said is estimated to cost $63,000. With other paving plans, he said the cost will be more than $100,000.

The borough street crew will begin work on storm drains and curbing on Daisy Street in preparation for paving.

Banks added temporary paving repair with one-inch milling and finish paving will be done on Dorey Street between 10th and 11th streets.

Borough Council plans to open bids for paving projects on June 19. Banks noted they hope to have paving finished before the start of school.

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