Man Accused of Stealing Vehicles Waives Hearings

CLEARFIELD – A man accused of stealing several vehicles in order to have transportation for alcohol and or drugs waived his right to preliminary hearings during Centralized Court on Wednesday at the Clearfield County Jail.

Corey Tyler Swatsworth, 36, of Curwensville appeared for six, different cases. In one case, he’s been charged with two counts each of theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and unauthorized use of motor/other vehicles.

In the other five cases, he’s been charged with one count each of theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and unauthorized use of motor/other vehicles.

According to the affidavits of probable cause, on March 1, Swatsworth allegedly stole a GMC truck from a parking lot in the area of Thompson Street in Curwensville. He allegedly used a tool to start the truck, which he drove to Stronach Road in Grampian.

Upon arriving to a residence, Swatsworth asked a male who answered the door to borrow a pair of pliers. The resident found Swatsworth to be highly intoxicated but gave pliers to him, as he (Swatsworth) was in the area fixing a furnace.

On March 2, a resident from the Grampian area told state police that at approximately 2 a.m. the same day, she heard a loud truck in her driveway. The resident said no one ever came to her door and the truck left.

Approximately 45 minutes later, she heard someone yelling at her bedroom window. She knew it was Swatsworth and went to the door to speak with him. She said Swatsworth told her that he was in trouble and needed help. Swatsworth also asked her for a ride to Curwensville, which she refused.

After leaving on foot, Swatsworth allegedly proceeded to a Melody Road residence in Grampian, where he stole a Dodge Intrepid. He gained access to the vehicle through an unlocked door and then located the keys inside. Swatsworth allegedly drove the vehicle to Curwensville and abandoned it.

In an interview at the CCJ on April 17, Swatsworth admitted to stealing several vehicles in the Curwensville area in March and April.

On March 17, Swatsworth allegedly stole a Ford E-350 van from a driveway on State Street in Curwensville. He allegedly drove the van to an unknown location and then returned it during the early morning hours of the next day.

On March 21, Swatsworth allegedly stole a Ford truck from a parking lot on Meadow Street in Curwensville. He allegedly drove it to Clearfield to obtain alcohol and or drugs before returning the truck. When returning it, Swatsworth allegedly parked approximately 50 yards from where he had stolen the truck from.

On March 23, Swatsworth and his girlfriend walked to a Susquehanna Avenue residence in Curwensville. He allegedly gained access to a GMC Savana van through an unlocked door. Swatsworth allegedly found the key in the cup holder and drove the vehicle to Clearfield for alcohol and prescription drugs. Afterward, Swatsworth returned to Curwensville and parked the van at the intersection of George and Filbert streets.

On April 17, Swatsworth admitted to taking the work van to obtain alcohol and prescription drugs in Clearfield.

On March 24, Swatsworth allegedly stole a Volvo from a parking lot in front of a Walnut Street residence in Curwensville. He and his girlfriend allegedly gained access to the Volvo and located the key in the ignition.

Swatsworth allegedly drove the vehicle to the hospital in DuBois to obtain oxycodone pills for back pain. He then drove the vehicle back to Curwensville and parked it along Anderson Avenue.

On April 16, Swatsworth’s girlfriend admitted she was with him when he stole the Volvo. On April 17, Swatsworth admitted that he and his girlfriend took the Volvo from a parking lot and later returned it to Curwensville.

On March 31, Clearfield Borough police received a report about a stolen Ford Ranger. It was parked in a driveway on Linden Street at approximately 4 p.m. the day before. The victim walked his dog several times and believed his truck wasn’t missing at 11 p.m. when he went to bed.

On April 12, an officer received information from the state police at Clearfield. The truck, state police said, had been located in the area of River and Meadow streets in Curwensville.

Upon further investigation, police found Swatsworth had gone to Mary’s Place on March 30. During an interview at the CCJ, Swatsworth related he didn’t recall being in Clearfield at the time of the alleged theft. Swatsworth also didn’t recall taking the truck.

Police, however, found the “method of operation” for the theft of the truck to be consistent with Swatsworth. It was noted the truck was found near the address of Swatsworth and his girlfriend in Curwensville.

Police also noted that Swatsworth had stolen more than eight other vehicles during the timeframe for him to drive to get alcohol and or drugs. The truck, police said, was located in an area where Swatsworth had parked other vehicles he’d stolen.

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