CWC to Host “Visitors from the Past”

(Provided photo)

(Provided photo)

CLEARFIELD – The community is invited to attend a dramatic performance by Luella Krieger, founder of “Visitors from the Past,” on May 13, at 6:30 p.m. at the Hyde Wesleyan Church, 1215 Riverview Rd., Clearfield.

This event will be hosted by the Clearfield Woman’s Club and is free to the public, but a goodwill offering will be accepted for the speaker.  Light refreshments will be available.

Luella Krieger will present the character of Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist.  In Jewish society, a woman was judged by the children she bore.

If she remained childless, it was considered a sign of God’s disfavor. Thus, it was for Elizabeth, the aging wife of the priest Zechariah.  The couple’s only regret was her barrenness.

As Zechariah served before the Lord in the temple in Jerusalem, he entertained a heavenly visitor who knocked him speechless.  The angel Gabriel said Elizabeth would bear a son.  Those attending Luella’s performance will hear the story of this amazing, devout woman.

“Visitors from the Past” was started in 1992.  Luella Krieger was a registered nurse for 21 years until she received a call to serve God full-time through His ministry of drama and storytelling.

After 10 years and many thousands of miles, Luella’s husband, Jim joined in full-time ministry with her.  In July 2002, Jim’s secular job ended, their house in Reynoldsville was sold, they moved into a fifth-wheel trailer, and said, in a paraphrase of Isaiah 6:8: “Here we are. Send us!”

With Jim’s support and technical assistance, Luella Krieger becomes many different people as she ministers. In addition to Elizabeth, several ladies from Biblical times step from the pages of the Good News to take folks back in time to experience the scriptures firsthand.

These include real women from the Old Testament: Eve, Sarah, Ruth, Queen Esther, and Mrs. Noah; from the New Testament: Mary, the mother of Jesus, Priscilla, Mary Magdalene, Martha of Bethany [Lazarus’ sister], seller-of-purple-cloth Lydia, the innkeeper’s wife Millie, and the Samaritan woman at the well; and from church history including Christians, such as Sarah Edwards, wife of Puritan pastor Jonathan Edwards; Susanna Wesley, mother of John and Charles Wesley, founders of the evangelical movement known as Methodism; and Katharina von Bora Luther, the wife of Martin Luther, German leader of the Protestant Reformation.

Luella also portrays various fictional characters who try to make the gospel stories more real to those who hear them.

Jim and Luella are available for ministry whenever and wherever their message is welcomed.  They will travel anywhere in the United States they are invited.

This ministry is at home in a large variety of settings from Sunday morning worship to church picnics to summer VBS programs.   They are equally comfortable doing programs for community groups.

Cost to a group for hosting a ministry event is coverage of expenses and a free-will offering at the event.

For more information on “Visitors from the Past,” contact Luella Krieger, P.O. Box 121, Sykesville, PA 15865, phone 814-590-1937.  You can also visit online.

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