Woman Gets State Prison in Identity Theft/Drug Case

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield woman will serve time in state prison for stealing another woman’s identity in order to obtain prescription drugs.

Aszure Gail Luzier, 36, 107 N. Fifth St., Clearfield, pleaded guilty during colloquy court in Clearfield County to identity theft, 16 counts of forgery and possession of a controlled substance.

The charges stem from incidents beginning in June of 2012 after Luzier stole the identity of Mandy Martin. Luzier then began seeing a physician in Pittsburgh, where she was prescribed Subutex, Xanax and Ritalin. Luzier was one of 13 people arrested during “Operation Gobble Up” in November.

Judge Paul Cherry sentenced her to 12 months to three years in state prison and two years probation. She was fined $18 plus costs.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Luzier’s conduct became known to police after they received a search warrant for her residence on Martin Street on June 26. They were actually looking for her brother, Shane Litzinger, who was wanted for a state parole violation. Instead they found drug paraphernalia, prescription bottles with the names of other people, a photo copied driver’s license and social security card for Martin. Three of the pill bottles had Martin’s name on them.

When Martin was contacted, she stated that she had never seen Dr. Rodney Williams, who was the prescribing physician. She also did not have her prescriptions filled at Wal-Mart in DuBois, which is where the found prescriptions were filled. Martin had no idea how Luzier had gotten copies of her personal information.

Records from Wal-Mart revealed that prescriptions in Martin’s name had been filled beginning June 21, 2012 until June 24, 2013. Luzier was using Martin and her own Medicaid insurance cards to assist in payment for the prescriptions and also for lab tests and examinations. The total value of these was $3,514.54.

Police contacted the doctor for information on his patient, Martin. He sent a copy of a driver’s license with Martin’s name but Luzier’s photo, a social security card with a signature that was not Martin’s and a Sam’s Club card in Martin’s name that Martin never applied for. There was other patient paperwork in Martin’s name that had been signed by Luzier.

When police spoke with Elizabeth Uncles, she said was introduced by Litzinger to a woman she thought was Mandy Martin. He suggested they ride together to the doctor who is located in the Pittsburgh area.

She stated they went to Pittsburgh once a month for about 24 months. Some of the prescriptions were filled in a Wal-Mart close to Pittsburgh but sometimes they were filled at the DuBois Wal-Mart. It wasn’t until later while they were at a funeral that Uncles learned that the woman she knew as Martin was really Aszure Luzier.

“Operation Gobble Up” involved agents from the Attorney General’s Office and officers from the Clearfield County Drug Task Force who identified several suspects as active participants in drug activities in Clearfield County.

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