Resident Discusses Proposed Injection Well with DuBois Council

DUBOIS – Resident Darlene Marshall thanked members of the DuBois City Council for opposing a proposed injection well near Highland Street Extension.

The proposed injection well would be located in Brady Township and near the City of DuBois.  Marshall explained that the injection well proposal is still pending with the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) but has received its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permit.

The EPA permit is currently open to appeals, according to Marshall.  She noted that the permit contains contradictory statements about drinking water wells within a one-quarter mile of the proposed well. However, she said other sections indicate there aren’t any such water wells.

City Solicitor Toni Cherry asked if these water wells were located in Brady Township. When Marshall said yes, then Cherry suggested she work with Brady Township so far as filing an appeal.

In other business, council members expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the DuBois Volunteer Fire Department. The department battled a fire at the DuBois Country Club on Monday morning.

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