Snow Storm Prompts Borough’s Request for Public Assistance

CLEARFIELD – Residents and business owners have been asked to assist Clearfield Borough due to its anticipation of a snow emergency.

Clearfield Mayor James P. Schell has asked for people:

  • to remove all vehicles from borough roadways for the purposes of snow removal. In the event of a snow emergency, the borough has the option to tow vehicles from specific roadways to allow for the removal of snow and passage of emergency vehicles.
  • to shovel a 3-foot perimeter around all fire hydrants and to maintain clear sidewalks.
  • to have all heat-related piping checked to ensure they are clear for safety purposes. People should also have heating oil or coal supplies to maintain warmth for several days.
  • to clear sidewalks and driveways within 12 hours of the completion of snowfall. Snow should not be shoveled onto the streets or sidewalks.
  • to assist neighbors and friends with clearing passageways, such as driveways and sidewalks.
  • to secure items, such as garbage cans, furniture and grill covers, lawn decorations, flags, etc. These items should be put inside to prevent the wind from blowing them onto streets and into vehicles.
  • to immediately report any down utility or electrical wires to authorities.
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