Sandy Supers Hear about Proposed Zoning and Land-Use Study

DUBOIS – During Monday night’s meeting, Township Manager Dave Monella notified the Sandy Township Supervisors about a proposed zoning and land-use study that the township may participate in.

The study, Monella said, would analyze current and project future trends for zoning and land-use.  It would also include a traffic study.  Monella said the study’s total cost would be $50,000; of that, $40,000 would be requested assistance from federal sources.

Then, he said the remaining $10,000 would come from state and local sources.  The purpose of the study, he said, would be to project how development trends are going to affect roads and traffic.

Monella said the study would propose recommendations for infrastructure improvements to support current and projected growth in the area. It would also propose timelines for development to meet land-use needs.

In other business, the supervisors will address a deteriorating house at 1865 Basse Terre Rd. in Treasure Lake.

The supervisors said they have made efforts to contact the property owner. However, if the owner doesn’t address the issues, the township plans to acquire and demolish the house.

“The property owner has the opportunity to respond to the registered letter and to make repairs,” said Township Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer Jim Keck.

Keck, alongside Pennsafe, has been monitoring the house for years.  Treasure Lake officials, he said, have already attempted to contact the property owner.  When asked, Keck said he had not noticed the house on the county’s lists for unpaid taxes.

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