Nature Abounds Launches IceWatch USA Season, Seeks Volunteers

DUBOIS – Nature Abounds has announced the launch of the 2013-14 IceWatch season.

IceWatch USA engages volunteers from across the United States to monitor local waterways over the winter season. In as little as 10 minutes per visit, volunteers gather and report information, helping to analyze how  the climate is changing in different regions of the United States and how ecosystems are reacting to the change.

Volunteers contribute information about ice coverage on local waterways, snow and rainfall amounts, air temperature and wildlife observations, said Nature Abounds President Melinda Hughes-Wert. She added that “IceWatching can be done in an area that receives snow and ice regularly, as well as areas that do not receive snow and ice regularly. We are looking to collect information from all areas of the country.”

IceWatch USA, a citizen-scientist opportunity modeled after Ice Watch Canada, was launched in November of 2008. IceWatch USA now has more than 500 active volunteers in 46 states.

Nature Abounds is a national 501(c)3 non-profit that’s headquartered in DuBois. It mission is to bring people together for a healthy planet. Nature Abounds was a recipient of a 2013 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Award.

More information about Nature Abounds and the IceWatch USA program are available at or by emailing

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