Committee Selling Granite Sidewalk Tickets for “Ritz Walk of Fame”

CLEARFIELD – A special “Save the Ritz” committee has developed a plan to position the Ritz Theater for its digital upgrade and to keep it in the community.

Any business or individual can become a part of community history by purchasing advertising space in the sidewalk area in front of the Ritz Theater.  This sidewalk advertising will be in place for many years.

By selling this engraved space, the committee wants to help put the Ritz Theater in financial position to progress with the 2014 mandated film industry standards. A business or individual name can be engraved in a large 12-inch by 24-inch stone for $2,500 or in a 16-inch by 8-inch stone for $1,750.

Each individual stone will be shaped like a theater ticket. Further, it will include the business name and year established or the family name.  Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The committee would like to thank Dan Hile of Cuetera Hile Monument for donating the stone, as well as Jim Collins and Tony Puccio for assisting with the project.  The “Save the Ritz” committee is working closely with Borough Manager Leslie Stott and committee members, Diane Sunderland, Pam Babick, Joyce Graham, Sibbie Duckett, Ruby and Joe Anderson, Kristen Lee, Jo Tubbs, Fred Brown, Angie Rish, Autumn Shifter and Steve Albert.

A spring unveiling will be planned with an open house for the advertisers and participants.

Anyone interested in purchasing an engraved stone should call Diane Sunderland at 814-765-9768 or 814-290-5741, Pam Babick at 814-762-6430, Joyce Graham at 814-553-4011 or Angie Rish at 814-762-9001.  All orders and payment must be received by Dec. 23.

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