Police Continue Investigations into Recent Break-ins

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough police continue their investigations into several recent vehicle break-ins, as well as others at three area churches, a dentist’s office and a doctor’s office, according to Chief Vincent McGinnis.

Between Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, police initiated investigations into eight vehicle break-ins within the borough. In these cases, residents left vehicles unattended and unlocked, and suspects rummaged through and took “anything of value,” said McGinnis.

The suspects discarded the unwanted items into yards and drains, he said. He noted police have found some property for which they haven’t identified an owner. In fact, he said police have located stolen items without being contacted by the owner.

“If anyone has had their vehicle entered, we urge them to contact police,” said McGinnis. “If they hear a loud noise and observe suspicious activity, we urge them to be more vigilant and to contact police.”

Police, he said, have four suspects – three adults and one juvenile – in the vehicle break-in cases. He said police are continuing their investigation, but they expect to file charges soon.

Also, McGinnis said police continue their investigation into the recent break-in at the West Side United Methodist Church. He said the suspect(s) entered the church, stole money and ransacked it. Police, he said, also continue to investigate the recent attempted break-ins at the Trinity United Methodist Church and the St. John Lutheran Church.

He said suspect(s) also targeted a dentist’s office and a doctor’s office. Once inside these businesses, he said they stole money and drugs. He said police, however, haven’t received reports of residential break-ins.

“[The break-ins] have been isolated to the last couple of weeks,” said McGinnis. “We don’t know if it’s all the same suspects . . . We are still investigating.”



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