DuBois Man Accused of Break-ins Waives Hearing

DuBOIS – A DuBois man who broke into two, different residences looking for his ex-girlfriend recently waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Shawn Paul Cutlip, 29, 42 Scribner Ave., DuBois, an inmate of the jail, is charged with burglary, criminal trespass, false imprisonment, simple assault, criminal mischief and driving while operator’s license suspended in one case and criminal trespass and habitual offenders in a second case. His bail is $250,000 and $5,000, respectively.

The charges stem from incidents on Oct. 20 and Oct. 21 in Brady and Union Townships.

According to the affidavit of probable case in the burglary case, on Oct. 20, Cutlip broke the locked front door of a residence to gain entry to a mud room. Once inside, he kicked and banged on the door, threatening to kick it in if the victim did not come out.

When she did come out, he grabbed her by the left wrist, picked her up and put her in his vehicle. He drove her to Luthersburg Park, where she was afraid to get out of the vehicle. When police found him, Cutlip claimed she would not open the door, so he forced it open but that she got into his car herself and they traveled to the park to talk.

In her interview with police, the victim who was wearing no shoes or coat in 40 to 50 degree weather agreed she traveled to the park to talk and said he had not assaulted her there. She seemed apprehensive about being in the prescience of Cutlip. A police officer took her back to the Brady Township residence.

While police spoke to the witnesses at the residence, Cutlip was at a nearby business watching. The officer suggested he give her a 07ride to a more comfortable place to stay, and she along with her son were transported to the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in DuBois. Once there, she told police that Cutlip arrived at the residence and was outside blowing the car horn and calling for her. He was also arguing with a neighbor. When he was done with that, he told her he wanted to take their child but would not say where he was taking him. She told him he was not taking the child until he calmed down. She went back in the house.

The next thing she knew he was banging on the inside door and threatening to break it down. When she opened the door, he grabbed her and put her in the car. She stated she did not go willingly. She was afraid he would hurt her because he has hurt her in the past.

The criminal complaint in the second case states that on Oct. 21, the victim who is the last victim’s step-father was painting a room in the second floor of his home when he heard someone enter downstairs. He then heard Cutlip yelling for his step-daughter. Cutlip went upstairs and looked in a bedroom. He then ran down the steps yelling something. The victim went to the door and saw Cutlip get into the driver’s seat of his vehicle and drive away.


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