Police Report: Clearfield Borough

  • Police received a report about individuals who were soliciting in the Clearfield area. Upon arrival police encountered eight individuals; of those, police found three with warrants out for their arrest.  Police advised the others to contact the Clearfield Borough Administrative Office for permits prior to soliciting door-to-door.
  • Police received a report of an alleged drunken motorist in the area of South Second Street.
  • Police received a report about harassment via text messages.
  • Police responded to a noise complaint along Turnpike Avenue.  The complaint was listed as unfounded.
  • Police responded to a burglar alarm at an area business.  The alarm was listed as unfounded.
  • Police received numerous complaints about vehicles being entered on Turnpike Avenue and Hannah, McBride, Barclay and West Locust streets.
  • Police assisted a disabled motorist on South Front Street.
  • Police assisted a lost tractor-trailer driver on Barclay Street.
Police Report: DuBois City
Police Report: DuBois City

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