Chili Run at America’s Motorsports Park Results

Press release by Terry Whetstone 

CLEARFIELD – Chris Farrell of Clearfield became only the second driver to win more than one Chili 100 as he picked up his first Late Model win at America’s Motorsports Park in the Sue Mathews Memorial, Chili Promotions run event.
Other winners included: Nate Smith of Glen Campbell picked up the Chili Pepper 50 for the Street Stocks, Jason Beichner of Shippenville won the Dirt Burner 20 for the Pure Stocks and Eric Boozel of Mt. Union won the Smackdown 20 for Four Cylinders.
The Late Models began with a missing man formation on the parade lap in memory of Carl Billet. Billet won the inaugural Chili 100 at Clinton County Speedway in 2000 and last year he passed away unexpectedly. The race was then led to the start with Shawn Claar and Bernie Whiteford on the front row by virtue of their re-draw at intermission. On the start, Whiteford took the lead and set the pace, with Claar in second, but Claar spun going into the first turn and ended the night in the pits. Whiteford continued to set the pace, as Tom Shaffer was in second and closing on Whiteford. A caution with 10 laps in the books saw Shaffer able to get past Whiteford on the restart with Chris Farrell sitting third. Shaffer had the ride to beat, as he was holding off all advances from Whiteford, Farrell and Troy Swindell as they were throwing whatever they had, but Shaffer was strong.
On lap 37, Farrell took second away from Whiteford as he looped car and had to tail the field. As the 100 lapper wore on, Shaffer saw his tires start to fade away as he had to fight to hold the lead. Farrell and Shaffer ran side-by-side for several laps but it wasn’t until lap 80, when Farrell made his move and took the lead from Shaffer, who was showing the ware on his tires as he began to fade through the field. Luke Hoffner was in second by the 82nd lap and had his sights on Farrell, but Farrell held him off and took the win. At the line it was Farrell taking the win with Hoffner from 13th to second, with Doug Eck from 11th in third, “Hot Rod” Rodney Phillips was fourth from 12th and Ward Schell came home fifth from 14th. Heat wins went to Farrell, Claar, Whiteford and Eck.
The Chili Pepper 50 for the Street Stocks were next to hit the speedway with Nate Smith and Tim Fannin on the front row, as Smith took the lead and never relinquished it, leading the entire 50 laps. While he was stinking up the show out front, the battle for second was a great one, as the top three didn’t change but Teats sure threw everything he had at Fannin. As Allen Luzier waved the final checkered flags it was Smith taking his first ever AMP win with Fannin, Teats, Chris Withers and Allen English completed the top five. Qualifying wins went to: Fannin, Dan Smeal, Brian Rhed and Smith in the heats while Colton Gearhart won the B-main.
The Pure Stock Dirt Burner 20 saw Jason Beichner and Justin Queen on the front row, with Beichner taking the green flag and while he led from flag to flag, he didn’t have an easy win, as Queen hounded him first, but he bobbled on lap 11, giving Mike Duck the chance to take second. Duck then hounded Beichner as Queen also mixed it up, as the top three pulled away from the fourth place car of Jim Challingsworth, but he reeled the leaders in and became part of the battle but at the finish it was Beichner taking the win, with Duck, Queen, Challingsworth and Gary Fulmer. Heat wins went to: Duck, Queen and Beichner.
The final event of the night was the Smackdown 20 for the Four Cylinders with Josh Frantz and Troy Peace on the front row, as Frantz took the lead at the start and one lap later, John Campisano took the lead and he was setting the pace, but on a caution on lap 10, Campisano pulled to the pits and out for the night. This gave the lead over to Eric Boozel who went on to hold off Charles Stahlman for the win. Justin Williamson was third, Stephanie Ivory was fourth and Dylan Frantz was fifth. Heat wins went to: Josh Frantz, Paul Ivory and Campisano.
AMP Notes: There were a total of 89 cars in the pits, including 25 Late Models, 27 Street Stocks, 17 Pure Stocks and 20 4 Cylinders…The Chili 100, an event presented by Chili Promotions, ends the AMP Season. Stay tuned to the website at for details on the 2014 season and the 2013 awards banquet. Many changes are in store for next season, the details will be on the website as they become available.
14th Annual Chili 100 Late Models: 1. Chris Farrell, Clearfield; 2. Luke Hoffner; 3. Doug Eck; 4. Rodney Phillips; 5. Ward Schell; 6. Scott Alvetro; 7. Tom Decker, Jr.; 8. Bernie Weakland; 9. Andrew Yoder; 10. Joe Petyak; 11. Dan Kienitz; 12. Mike Blose; 13. Tom Shaffer; 14. Troy Swindell; 15. Mike Williams; 16. Jamie Barber; 17. Andrew Gordon; 18. Randy Sterling; 19. Tim Steis; 20. Tom Decker III; 21. Matt Sale; 22. Tom Merryman; 23. Mike Steck; 24. Shawn Claar.
Did not qualify – Bill Davis.

Chili Pepper 50 Street Stocks: 1. Nate Smith, Glen Campbell; 2. Tim Fannin; 3. Curtis Teats; 4. Chris Withers; 5. Allen English; 6. Tony Brown; 7. Brian Rhed; 8. Joe Kot; 9. Rich Howell, Jr.; 10. Jim Bloom; 11. Colton Gearhart; 12. Emory Rinehart, Jr.; 13. Dan Smeal; 14. Todd Mathews; 15. Mark Clark; 16. Bob Vogt; 17. Don Waltman; 18. Gary Luzier; 19. Eric Reinwald; 20. Matt Hugill; 21. Bob Rosman; 22. Curtis Heath.
Did not qualify – Mike Desch (Qualified but broke and couldn’t take green), Butch Braim, Mark Peck, Raymond Reynolds & Johnny Lindenpitz.

Dirt Burner 20 Pure Stocks: 1. Jason Beichner, Shippenville;
2. Mike Duck; 3. Justin Queen; 4. Jim Challingsworth; 5. Gary Fulmer; 6. Shawn Munoz; 7. Lonnie Mills; 8. Vern Ward; 9. Nick Fulmer; 10. Gary Stitt; 11. Dan Stiver; 12. Brian Mills; 13. Cregan Brady; 14. Johnny Macormac; 15. Ryan Caldwell; 16. Ryan Claycomb.
Did not start – John Bowser.

Smack Down 20 Front Wheel Drive 4 Cylinders: 1. Eric Boozel, Mt. Union; 2. Charles Stahlman; 3. Justin Williamson; 4. Stephanie Ivory; 5. Dylan Frantz; 6. Larry Beachel; 7. Michael Hepler; 8. Frank Barrett, Jr.; 9. Troy Peace; 10. Paul Ivory; 11. Ryan Shaffner; 12. Shawn Stahl; 13. John Campisano; 14. Ron Brady; 15. Stephanie Lucas; 16. Josh Frantz; 17. Dustin Kemp; 18. Bryan Warren.
Did not start – Bill Hassenplug. Disqualified – Jim Fye.

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