Police Report: Clearfield Borough

  • Police responded to a single-vehicle accident along Woodland Road.  Upon arrival police found a female was operating her vehicle when her driver’s side, front tire blew out and caused her to lose control.  No injuries were reported, and the vehicle was towed from the scene.
  • Police assisted a motorist by unlocking their vehicle.
  • Police reported an incident of theft during which a razor scooter was removed from a residence along East Locust Street.
  • Police responded to a noise complaint along Turnpike Avenue.
  • Police responded to West Sixth Avenue, where a male was allegedly removing items.  Police, with the assistance of the victim, located the male in Lawrence Township.  The investigation is continuing at this time.
  • Police responded to an unruly patient at the Clearfield Hospital.  Upon arrival police found staff had calmed the patient down.
  • Police responded to Capricorn Drive for someone who was attempting to break into a residence.  The complaint was unfounded.
  • Police were dispatched for an incident along South Second Street. However, police found it occurred in Lawrence Township and referred it to their officers.
Police Report: Lawrence Township
Police Report: DuBois City

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