State Police: Scams Strike the Area

RIDGWAY – The Pennsylvania State Police would like to remind citizens that con artists have continued to conduct illegal activities in the area.

Scams, state police said, can be easily committed on any unsuspecting person. And, if not cautious, anyone can become a victim of a scam.

“Con artists are smooth talkers, meaning they can talk information out of you without you realizing what information you have given [them],” state police said.

“Virtually, everyone knows that it’s dangerous to give out a credit card number. If someone obtains a little personal information about you, they can commit one of the most popular crimes – identity theft.”

Some victims of identity theft have lost thousands of dollars. In some cases, they have spent years trying to correct problems associated with this crime, state police explained.

Despite many variations of scams, state police noted most involve the prospective victim receiving a telephone call or check by mail from a lottery, corporation or foreign country. Others originate in online auction sites.

In most cases, state police said the prospective victim is instructed to cash a check, keep a small portion of the money and to send the remainder to the address provided. In some instances, the prospective victim is left with the impression it will lead to an even larger cash prize.

“The prize or product is non-existent and or the initial check is fraudulent,” state police said. “If you sent the amount required by personal check to the address provided, the con artist not only cashes your check and steals the money, but also now has your bank account number.

“The primary prevention tip to remember to avoid becoming a victim of a scam is ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.’ If you believe that you’re a victim of a scam, save all of the information you have regarding the issue and promptly contact the police department that serves your area.”

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