LT Supers to Advertise for Replacement Fire Engine

CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors approved to advertise the specifications for a fire engine to replace its Station No. 1 engine for bid.

The specifications from the fire company were approved with minor changes, including the size of pump and the brand of tires. Station No. 1’s engine had been out of service for several weeks.

Lawrence Township Police Chief Mark Brooks reported to the supervisors that newly hired officer, Elliott Neeper, has completed all the requirements and is now on the work schedule.

Brooks also updated the supervisors on the police department’s vehicles status. He said the oldest car has been taken out of service, because it is over the 150,000 miles limitation. All the equipment has been removed from it, he said, and it is ready to be sold or whatever the supervisors decide they want to do with it.

He listed the current vehicles in service as a:

  • 2011 Ford Expedition with only 6,000 miles, which is used only if needed.
  • 2011 Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicle, which has 67,000 miles and is in great shape.
  • 2009 Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicle, which has 103,000 miles. Brooks noted it will reach its maximum miles limit in 2014.
  • 2004 Ford Expedition with 124,000 miles. But Brooks said it’s used only for bad weather or outlying areas. Brooks said this vehicle still has a few years of service at the current rate of usage.

Supervisor Ed Brown asked secretary, Barb Shaffner to include the patrol car replacement for the 2014 budget. Shaffner said that it’d already been built into this year’s budget. It was noted that they might be lucky enough to find another left-over new vehicle like they did with the 2011 Expedition.

Solicitor James Naddeo reported reviewing the Consent Order from the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for the Clearfield Municipal Authority (CMA) regarding the storm water infiltration. Naddeo said he’ll attend the meeting that’s scheduled Sept. 11 between DEP and CMA to discuss the Consent Order with CMA’s Engineer. Supervisors Glenn Johnston and  William Lawhead said they planned to attend as well.

Shaffner reminded of the rescheduling for the next township meeting to Sept. 18 at 7 p.m.

Shaffner reported the recycling truck is down but that the scheduled township recycling pick-ups will be done by the township’s truck.

Shaffner also noted a correction on the breakdown of items totals for the CDBG funds submitted for approval. The funds requested total is $108,670, but the corrected totals are $89,110 for street improvements, and $19,560 for administration.

Lawhead said Glen O. Hawbaker began paving projects Sept. 3 in the Glen Richey area. New Enterprise will begin paving Sept. 9 for additional streets, Guinea Hill Road, Maple Avenue and Center, Byer and Reighard streets.

The supervisors approved paying bills totaling $57,609 before adjourning for executive session to discuss police contracts, with no re-adjournment.

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