Suspect Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Conduct for Robbing Unconscious Man in Sheetz

CLEARIFELD – A Texas man charged with robbing an unconscious man in an area Sheetz store pleaded guilty to lesser charges during plea and sentencing court in Clearfield County.

Gregory Allen Scott, 45, 2509 Richmond Rd., Texarkana, TX, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.  He was sentenced to one year probation and he was fined $500 plus costs.

The charges stem from an incident on Jan. 27 at the Falls Creek Sheetz store in Sandy Township. According to the affidavit of probable cause, the victim entered the store and went into the men’s restroom, where he allegedly consumed heroin. He fell over and was lying on the floor in a stall when another man found him and reported him to the employees. After they got him out of the stall, a female employee started rescue breathing. While they were working on him, Scott entered the restroom, stepped over them and urinated.

Once Scott was finished urinating, he zipped up and told the employee he was a nurse. He told an employee it looked like the victim had a stroke. He took gloves from the employee and put them on, but did nothing to help the victim. He was rude to the employee when she asked what they should do. He told her to leave. When she came back she saw Scott going through the victim’s pockets. This is when an officer arrived on the scene. He also saw Scott going through the victim’s pockets and removing a needle, spoon, four empty stamp bags of heroin, water solution and a Q-tip.

Scott was told to stop, but he continued to look through his pants and shirt pockets. At one point, he stood up and stated, “Fine. I won’t help.” The officer pulled Scott out of the bathroom. He asked again what Scott was doing, and he replied that he was looking for medical information because he thought the victim had a stroke. He asked Scott for his identification and told him to wait until after the victim was taken care of, so they could talk.

The victim was treated by emergency medical personnel and transported to the DuBois Regional Medical Center.

As he talked with the officer, Scott appeared to be under the influence of something. Scott tried to talk the officer out of arresting him, because it was a waste of time and he didn’t need to do the paperwork. The officer told him not to worry about him and his paperwork. Later the officer was advised to let him go. After checking his background, he saw that Scott was clear so he did release him.

At the hospital, once the victim was awake, he said he had $23 in his pocket that was missing.


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