Solobay: Deadline to File Fire, Emergency Services Grant Report Sept. 3

Eligibility Jeopardized if Reports for 2012-13 Not Filed  

HARRISBURG – State Sen. Tim Solobay (D-Washington) reminded emergency fire and ambulance service organizations that it is imperative that they file their final reports for grants awarded in 2012-13 or their eligibility for funding in 2013-14 may be in jeopardy.

“It is critical that fire and ambulance service organizations that received grants last year file their final reports by the Sept. 3 deadline,” Solobay said.  “No fire and ambulance organization should be shut out of assistance this year because they failed to file the Final Report.”

According to the Office of the State Fire Commissioner, 2,647 grants were awarded last year.  As of Thursday, 961 organizations have failed to file their final reports for 2012-13.

The Fire Company, Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program provides funds to volunteer fire, ambulance and rescue companies across Pennsylvania.

“Emergency services can be expensive, but they’re essential,” Solobay said. “This grant program helps our communities provide the services they need without having to bear the full financial burden of maintaining facilities, purchasing equipment or training new employees or volunteers.”

While the grant can be applied to the construction or renovations of buildings, the purchase or repair of equipment or training and certification of members, funds can also be used to reduce debt already incurred to improve emergency services.

Interested organizations can apply for the grant beginning in the second week of September.

Solobay reiterated an organization cannot apply for this year’s grant until it has submitted a Final Report detailing how it spent funds it received from the 2012-13 grant year.

“This grant is an opportunity for first-responders to improve the services they provide,” said Solobay. “I urge fire, ambulance and rescue organizations to apply for grants for this year and file their final reports from last year if they haven’t already done so.”

Solobay said that emergency organizations should call the Office of the State Fire Commissioner at 1-800-670-3473 or visit for more information.

Solobay is the Democratic chair of the Senate Veteran Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee and is the assistant chief of the Canonsburg Volunteer Fire Department.

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