Police Report: Lawrence Township

  • Police received a report of a hit-and-run accident that occurred on Flegal Road.
  • Police checked the welfare of a child who possibly had a weapon in Hillsdale.
  • Police received an animal call in Hyde, and the resident was referred to dog law.
  • Police received a traffic complaint while the operator of a gray Saturn was driving aggressively along Turnpike Avenue.
  • Police received a report about a residential alarm on Sals Lane; however, police were cancelled while en route to the scene.
  • Police reported a suspicious phone call received by a township resident. The caller was leaving a message for an unknown person, and it appeared to be a phone scam.
  • Police received a report about computer fraud from a local resident while their computer received a virus and was then hacked.
  • Police received a report about a disabled mobile home in Golden Rod. The motorist had already requested assistance.
  • Police received a report about a trespass incident on Jean Lane in Hyde. 
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