Election Office Prepares to Relocate Precincts

CLEARFIELD – Plans are proceeding to relocate two Clearfield Borough polling precincts to the Expo I Building at the Clearfield Driving Park, reported Dawn Graham, director of elections, at Tuesday’s meeting of the Clearfield County Commissioners.

Graham said the county’s Election Office had requests to relocate the precincts for the First and Third Wards in Clearfield Borough. These precincts have been located at the Clearfield Borough Fire Department on Cherry Street and the former Third Ward Hose House on Martin Street.

According to her, the Elections Office didn’t receive any comments or questions from the public. She said the deadline expired at 4 p.m. Monday, and her office has started to initiate the precinct changes. As part of that process, she’s sent out legal notices and arranged for signs to be posted at both the old and new precinct locations.

Commissioner Joan Robinson-McMillen, chair, explained there were concerns surrounding the First Ward precinct due to the ongoing construction at CNB Bank. She said there wouldn’t have been adequate parking for the fire equipment and the general public. Robinson-McMillen said other concerns included the fire equipment sitting out in the weather.

By relocating both First and Third Wards to the Expo I Building, she said it would allow for better public access, especially for anyone who is handicapped. She said the Clearfield County Fair & Park Board has been very cooperative and easy to work with throughout the course of the process.

Commissioner John A. Sobel asked if the commissioners must have a mini hearing before finalizing the precinct changes on Sept. 10. Solicitor Kim Kesner said the county only needed to give members of the public the opportunity to express their opinion, which it has done in part. He said anyone could choose to appear and speak at the commissioners’ public meeting on Sept. 10. Graham said her legal notices also gave the public up to Sept. 6 to state any objections.

Robinson-McMillen said although the First and Third Ward precincts would be located in the Expo I Building, both would continue to function separately. Commissioner Mark B. McCracken thanked Clearfield Borough and the fire department for allowing use of its building over the years.

“But in the last several years, there have been requests to change locations,” said McCracken. “I think will all feel this would be a very good move. It’s better access. It’s better parking.”


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