America’s Motorsports Park Results – August 17, 2013

Press release by Terry Whetstone

CLEARFIELD- 99 Cars filled the pits at Americas Raceway Park Saturday evening with the night starting out with the Cars and Stars of AMP on the front stretch for Fan Appreciation Night, followed by hot laps for the 270cc Micro Sprint Road Show, which made its first ever appearance to the bullring.
Harrisburg’s Brian Marriott took the Micro win, while Andrew Gordon of DuBois became the newest winner of 2013 in the Randy Sterling Trucking Late Models.
Repeat winners included Ebensburg’s John Eckenrod in the Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Semi Lates, Curtis Teats of Morrisdale in the Harter and Son’s Garage Street Stocks, Jason Beichner of Shippenville in the Quigley’s Pub Pure Stocks, and Mount Union’s Eric Boozel in the Clearfield County Metals Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders.
Curtis Teats and Chad Rougeux led the field to the green Harter and Son’s Garage Street Stock Feature.  Rougeux would lead lap one before Teats would take control and lead the next 19 laps. Teats would first contend with Jamie Price and then Tim Fannin to seal his victory. The top 5 at the finish were Teats, Fannin, Dan Smeal, Price, and Jim Bloom. Heat Race winners were Fannin and Price.
Second on the Grid were the Randy Sterling Trucking Late Models with Dan Gill and Dwayne Taneyhill, Jr. scheduled to set the front row; however Taneyhill would not make the call moving John Eckenrod to outside of the front row. Dan Gill would lead the first few circuits before 4th place starter Andrew Gordon would take the lead and set the pace!  A lap 22 Restart saw 6th place starter Tom Decker, Jr. restart behind Gordon but Gordon had the car to beat and headed for Victory Lane for the first time at AMP. A post race trip across the scales saw third place finisher Eckenrod come up light and be disqualified. The final top 5 were Gordon, Decker Jr, Luke Hoffner, Benny Gordon, and Gill. Heat Race wins went to Eckenrod, Taneyhill, and Gill.
Jason Beichner and Jim Challingsworth led the 14 car field of Quigley’s Pub Pure Stocks to the green flag with Beichner grabbing the lead and setting sail.  Marshall Detwiler ran 2nd until lap three when Hunter McCracken moved by and set his sights on Beichner’s #4. Beichner however would not be denied his 5th win of 2013. The top 5 at the finish were Beichner, McCracken, 9th place starting Colton Joiner, Challingsworth, and Eric Lucas. Heat wins went to Challingsworth and Beichner.
The 270cc Micro Road Show feature saw Pole Sitter Brian Marriott and 4th place starting Mason Peters, which are the only two drivers to win in the five events held thus far, battle down to the last lap with Marriot coming out on top for his second win of the series and first ever at AMP. Peters was second, followed my Sean McAndrew, Troy Whitesel, and Ken Duke, Jr. Heat Race winners were Jared Zionkowski, Duke Jr, and Marriott.
The always exciting Clearfield County Metals Four Cylinders were up next and as usual they did not disappoint. At the drop of the green flag the front row was Dustin Kemp and Stephanie Ivory, with Ivory leading lap one.  Lap 2 saw Paul Ivory take over the top spot and lead until lap 5 when his sister Stephanie reclaimed the top spot. On lap 7 Paul Ivory would lose 2nd place to another Stephanie as Stephanie Lucas took over the spot and set her sights on the leader.
A lap 10 restart saw the two Stephanie’s go door to door for the lead; however 15th starting Eric Boozel was now in 3rd place. Boozel split the pair coming off of turn four on lap 13 and after slight contact with Ivory took over the top spot for the final two circuits. The top 5 at the finish were Boozel, Lucas, Stephanie Ivory, Jack Theys, and Paul Ivory. Heat Race wins went to Kemp and Stephanie Ivory.
The Final Feature event of the night would be the Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Semi Lates and Pole Sitter John Eckenrod, who was pulling double duty in both Late Model divisions, had something to prove after his DQ in the Super Late Feature earlier in the evening. Eckenrod would set sail from the drop of the green flag and lead all 15 laps. Jason Mullen ran 2nd until lap 11 when last week’s winner Denny Fenton moved by. Mullen would finish third followed by Randy Sterling, newcomer Ed Rockwell, and Neal Wilson. Fenton’s #55 would however come up light on the scales leading to a disqualification. Moving Dylan Fenton into the 5th position. Denny Fenton won the Heat Race.
AMP NOTES: There were a total of 99 cars including: 14 Street Stocks, 24 Late Models, 14 Pure Stocks, 20 270cc Micro Sprints,19 Four Cylinders, and 8 Semi Lates. Next week, August 24th is a regular show for the Late Models, Semi Lates, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, and Four Cylinders. Gates open at 3. Racing at 6:30. For more information please visit
Randy Sterling Trucking Late Models: 1.Andrew Gordon, Dubois. 2. Decker Jr. 3. Hoffner. 4. B. Gordon. 5. Gill. 6. Boyd. 7.Kanouff. 8.Fenton. 9. Stiner. 10. Williams. 11. T. Brady. 12. Kent. 13. Scaife. 14. Decker III. 15. J. Brady. 16. Sterling. 17. Davis, 18. Lucas. 19. Read. 20. Eckonrod DQ – Lite. DNS: Taneyhill Jr, Alvetro, Babcock, Steis
Dennys Beer Barrel Pub Semi Lates. 1. John Eckenrod, Ebensburg. 2. Mullen. 3. Sterling. 4. Rockwell. 5. Wilson. 6. Dy, Fenton. 7. Desmett. 8. De. Fenton DQ – Lite
270cc Micro Sprint Road Show: 1. Brian Marriott, Harrisburg. 2. Peters. 3. Mcandrew. 4. Whitesel. 5. Duke Jr. 6. Garvey Jr. 7. Spotts. 8. Maynard. 9. Utt. 10. Wertman. 11. keister. 12. Troxell. 13. Werner. 14. Woodel. 15. Zionkowski. 16. Ewer. 17. Beadle. 18. Reinhart. 19. Straw. 20. Curtorillo
Harter and Son’s Garage Street Stocks: 1. Curtis Teats, Morrisdale. 2. Fannin. 3. Smeal. 4. Price. 5. Bloom. 6. Rosman. 7. Lindenpitz. 8. Tibbens. 9. Blake. 10. Rougeux. 11. Challingsworth. 12. Brown. 13. Howell Jr. 14. Matthews.
Quigley’s Pub Pure Stocks: 1. Jason Beichner, Shippenville. 2. McCracken. 3. Joiner. 4. Challingsworth. 5. Lucas. 6. Detwiler. 7. Hummel. 8. Shaffer. 9. Stiver. 10. Frey. 11. Hudson. 12. Bailey. 13. Brady. 14. Ramsey DQ- Lite
Clearfield County Metals Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders: 1. Eric Boozel, Mount Union. 2. Lucas. 3. S. Ivory. 4. Theys. 5. P. Ivory. 6. Warren. 7. Costa. 8. Watkins. 9. Luzier. 10. Shaffner. 11. Chappell. 12. Henry. 13. Kleitches. 14. McCracken. 15. Kemp. 16. Potter. 17. Shaffer. 18. Brady. DNS: Thompson
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