Clearfield County Fair Schedule for Tuesday

The following events are scheduled for Tuesday at the Clearfield County Fair.

9 a.m., Reithoffer Amusements on the Midway


10 a.m., Dennie Huber – Comedian, Magician, Ballonologist

10 a.m., Senior Citizen Admission Special

12 p.m., Harness Racing

12 p.m., Johnny Peers & Muttville Comix

1 p.m., Dennie Huber – Comedian, Magician, Ballonologist

1 p.m., High Flying Pages Aerial Act

3 p.m., Grandpa Cratchet

3:30 p.m., High Flying Pages Aerial Act

4:30 p.m., Johnny Peers & Muttville Comix

5 p.m., Grandpa Cratchet

5 p.m., Randy Clark and The Renegade Ride

6:30 p.m., High Flying Pages Aerial Act

7:30 p.m., Johnny Peers & Muttville Comix

8 p.m., Victoria Justice

8 p.m., Grandpa Cratchet

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