LTE: The Abominable Snowden

Dear Editor:

Edward Snowden is not a human rights activist; he is a loathsome (abominable) traitor and spy.

He stated his aim was to inform the world about the surveillance programs operated by the NSA.  He expressed concern the U.S. government could monitor the communications of the U.S. public, but he did not say it occurred.

If Snowden is the activist who just wanted to expose the possible monitoring of the U.S. public, why did he go to Hong Kong (China), a totalitarian country opposed to democratic values and freedoms?  Why did he go to China with his four laptops filled with NSA information, and probably allow the Chinese to copy the NSA material?

If Snowden was concerned with the U.S. government infringing on our freedoms, why did he go to Russia, another totalitarian country opposed to our democratic values, a country who most likely copied the NSA information on his laptops?

Snowden could be a disgruntled individual who decided to get even with the U.S. over personal problems, possibly work related.  His aim is to harm our national security.  He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for breaking the trust we placed in him.

Donald A. Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH

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One thought on “LTE: The Abominable Snowden

  1. Tax Paying Member

    Call him what you may, he EXPOSED a data gathering scheme that most of U.S. did not know existed. Actually some of the Elected Representatives claim they knew nothing about this supposed Intelligence Gathering Scheme.

    With the Un-transparent methodology our our Government, I am grateful this Whistle Blower came forward.

    Would I trust those who commit this Scheme to protect me as a Whistle Blower ? Absolutely NOT. Someone ( usually not relevant ) gets thrown under the bus when these Schemes are exposed. With the Intelligence Agencies involved in this I personally would fear for my and my family’s lives.

    Could it have been handled differently? As with most views “hindsight is always 20-20”.

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