DuBois Women Waive Hearings in Prostitution Cases

DUBOIS -Two DuBois women accused of allegedly providing sexual favors in exchange for cigarette money waived their rights to preliminary hearings Friday during Centralized Court in Clearfield County.

Mackenzie Myranda DeCarlo, 19, 333 W. Long Ave., DuBois is charged with promoting prostitution-inmate in house of prostitution/business and harassment. Daniell Jovett Tymensky, 25, 21 E. Long Ave., DuBois is charged with promoting prostitution-encouraging prostitution and harassment. Bail in each case was set at $1,000, unsecured.

The charges stem from an incident on May 20 when an officer was dispatched to East Long Avenue in DuBois for a reported assault. Decarlo told police she had assaulted Tymensky for taking the money she had earned for providing a sexual act to a man.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, DeCarlo admitted she had been performing sexual favors in exchange for money or cigarettes for the past six months. The favors were never full intercourse but were limited to oral sex and manual stimulation. There was only one “John” and he paid her whatever he had and there was no set price. She received $10 to $70 or cigarettes.

DeCarlo said Tymensky was in on the business arrangement and would push DeCarlo to do this when she (Tymensky) needed either money or cigarettes.

In her interview with police, Tymensky lied at first, saying she didn’t know what the fight was about until she was confronted with what DeCarlo had told them. She then admitted she was setting meetings for DeCarlo and putting her up to it whenever she wanted money for cigarettes. She claimed to have only done it three or four times and made around $30.

On the night of the incident, Tymensky had text-messaged the male to pick up DeCarlo at Sheetz. They then went to a secluded alley where she performed a sexual favor for $10. The man then dropped her off at Tymensky’s apartment building. DeCarlo gave the money to Tymensky to buy cigarettes for her. DeCarlo is not able to purchase cigarettes herself because she doesn’t have valid identification. The argument began as they walked to Sheetz. Tymensky admitted to striking DeCarlo and pulling her hair.

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