Programs Announced at Parker Dam

PENFIELD – The following programs have been announced for the Parker Dam State Park from July 19-21.

Friday, July 19 

Return of the Fisher

8:30 p.m. – Beach House steps

Originally found in Penn’s Woods, the fisher has had a long journey to once again become established in the ecosystem of today’s forest. Learn more about this fur-bearing predator and about conservation efforts that have led to the possibility of now seeing one around Parker Dam and all over PA.

Saturday, July 20 

Parker Dam CCC History Hike

10 a.m. – Lou and Helen Adams CCC Museum 

Learn about the work of CCC boys, who lived both here in the park and nearby, as they built Parker Dam.  We will be trekking along the CCC Trail, so please wear appropriate shoes for the trail.

Pet Parade Hike 

3 p.m. – S.B. Elliott State Park, PA Center porch

Is your dog suited for a group walk in the forest?  Bring them along as we hike the Old Horse Trail at S.B. Elliott State Park. This will be Parker Dam’s Fitness Club activity for July as we work to get your pets more active too!  Don’t have a dog?  No worries– having a dog is not a requirement to take part in this hike; anyone interested is encouraged to meet.

Rattlers and Snappers with WCO Dunbar, PFBC

7 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

Many wives’ tales and myths about snakes have earned them a bad reputation.  But put aside those fears and misgivings as an expert explains to you why snakes are an important part of Pennsylvania’s ecosystems.  There will be live snakes at this program for you to see how, with the proper respect and attitude from humans, all snakes can continue to exist peacefully in the environment we both share.

Sunday, July 21

Lou and Helen Adams CCC Museum

Open to public – 1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. 

During this 80th anniversary year, come learn more about this inspiring public works program that helped shape our park, our nation, and many lives.

Parachute Games

3 p.m. – Beach House

Join us in some fun parachute games as we learn about our natural resources. We’ll provide the parachute, you just bring along a fun attitude– and some sneakers.

Intro to Backpacking

6 p.m. – Beach House

It can be a daunting thought. Hiking with everything you will need to spend days, weeks, or even longer out on the trail. But backpacking, especially with today’s equipment, can be a much more comfortable, and very rewarding experience. You can get a hands-on look at some of the modern backpacking equipment that is available, and learn more about planning an outing, as well as available opportunities to give backpacking a try with minimal investment.

Fair Fun 5K/100-Meter Dash Slated for Aug. 3
GANT RELOAD: Week of July 1

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