Webinar Series: A Shale Open Forum with Penn State Extension

local-newsDuring this month’s Shale Webinar Session, the Penn State Marcellus Education Team will offer a Shale Open Forum.

Participants will join Jon Laughner, Dan Brockett, Matt Henderson and Dave Messersmith, as they open with current hot topics and then cover any questions from the public sent in by e-mail prior to the webinar. Questions during the webinar will also be fielded.

The July 18 webinar from 1p.m. to 2 p.m. will provide insight into new technology and science of industry and what it means for the landowner and public, Utica shale development, business and job growth trends and county production figures.  Are there questions you have on a particular topic you’d like to know more about?

Please e-mail to cal24@psu.edu prior to July 18th to be answered during the webinar.  Questions may still be submitted during the webinar, but the staff would like to take the opportunity to provide more in-depth answers to its loyal audience’s questions.

The webinar is the first in the second half of the 2013 monthly series of online workshops that provide education on a variety of current topics related to shale gas development.  Upcoming planned topics include:

  • Aug. 22, Pennsylvania Production Figures
  • Sept. 19, Marcellus Reserves and Estimates Substantiated by Production Data
  • Oct. 17, Midstream Operations, Infrastructure and Market Demands
  • Nov. 21, To be announced
  • Dec. 19, Bradford County Community of Planning:  Resources for the Community

Webinars will run from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m., with time for questions and answers.
Registration is not necessary, and all are welcome to participate by logging in to https://meeting.psu.edu/pscems/. If you have questions concerning the webinars, please contact Carol Loveland at cal24@psu.edu.

Previous webinars, publications and information also are available on the Penn State Extension natural-gas Web site, covering topics such as Utica reservoirs; Act 13; shale gas migration; water use and quality; zoning; gas-leasing considerations for landowners; gas pipelines and right-of-way issues; legal issues surrounding gas development; and the impact of Marcellus gas development on forestland.

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