PSU Alumni Association Honors Thompson With “Friend of Penn State” Award

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson is pictured with Penn State President Rodney Erickson and Kay Salvino, President, Alumni Association. (Provided photo)

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson is pictured with Penn State President Rodney Erickson and Kay Salvino, President, Alumni Association. (Provided photo)

BELLEFONTE – Yesterday, the Penn State Alumni Association honored U.S. Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson with the eighth annual “Friend of Penn State” legislative award.  The award recognizes state and federal legislators who have played a significant role in the continued improvement of Penn State University.

“I am very humbled and proud to receive this award,” stated Thompson, a Penn State Alumni. “I am even more proud of the generations of individuals from the Penn State Community that have dedicated their lives to serving others.”

The Alumni Association noted Thompson’s active support for Penn State and, in particular, the College of Agricultural Sciences, including his frequent participation in and support for agriculture-related programs and his advocacy for the Commonwealth’s agricultural sector.

“Glenn Thompson has been a strong advocate for Penn State and Pennsylvania agriculture,” stated Kevin Steele, chair of the Alumni Association’s Legislative Education and Advocacy Committee. “GT has advocated for federal funding for Penn State and has shown that he understands the uniqueness and importance of agricultural research and extension programs.”

Thompson lauded the collective efforts of Penn State researchers, faculty members and inspiring students, and cited the University’s significant contributions to agriculture, research, and applied sciences.

“The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is blessed to have such a world-class research institution. Penn State is consistently delivering new technical and scientific innovations,” Thompson added.

Thompson also touched on his experiences as an undergraduate. “This institution helped me develop purpose and passion in life, which for me, was serving those with life-changing disease and disability,” Thompson stated.

At Penn State, Thompson worked at Centre Crest Nursing Home, where he developed a passion for health care. He graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation, before earning a master’s in education from Temple University.

“Penn State empowers students to not just do well, but to make a difference in the world,” Thompson added. “Travel anywhere in the world and you will find Penn State Alumni making a difference.”

“I want to thank Penn State, President Erickson, and the Penn State Alumni Association for all that is done to do keep this institution leading the world in educational excellence and public service,” Thompson said.

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