LTE: CRC Thanks Organizations and Volunteers for Bloom & Berry Bash

Dear Editor:

There are so many groups, organizations and individual volunteers who contributed to the success of the Clearfield Revitalization Corp.’s Bloom & Berry Bash that I cannot begin to name them all, for I’m sure I would miss someone.

On behalf of the CRC, we are both thankful for and humbled by the support of the community toward the events on June 22. It is astounding to see what Clearfield can accomplish when everyone works together, and the event was extremely successful.

I would like to give special recognition to Clearfield Borough, police and firemen and the Clearfield County Commissioners for supporting us from the beginning to end.

We would like to thank the entertainers for putting on a great show, the merchants and vendors for your cooperation, sponsors for believing in us, the community for showing such huge support and the true leaders of the event, the CRC Promotions Committee: Chairman, Rob Bozovich, Joe Kelly, Brock Shaffer, Holly Bloom, Ashlee Reid, Darla Smay and Matt Checchio.

I am honored to have the opportunity to work beside such dedicated and energetic citizens of Clearfield. I believe in the future of our town, and working on an event like this proves there are many other people who believe, as well. Thank you to everyone involved.

Chris Renaud

CRC Assistant

Clearfield Revitalization Corp.

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