PennDOT Unveils Decade of Transportation Improvements

HARRISBURG – PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch today unveiled a new Web site,, that illustrates where and how additional transportation funding would be invested across Pennsylvania if a long-term funding solution is put into place.

The Decade of Investment Web site shows projects that could be funded over the next decade through three scenarios – no additional funding, Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed level of funding and Senate Bill 1’s funding-level proposal.

“I made a commitment to Pennsylvanians, and their elected officials, to create a map showing the benefits of additional transportation funding because Pennsylvanians have a right to see how their precious dollars are being invested,” Schoch said.

“This tool allows the public to see how the state, their region or local area of interest would benefit from the raised level of investment,” Schoch added.

On the Web site, the public can view projects in their region sorted by county, transportation planning partner, or state Senate and House districts.

Also included on the Web site is a page explaining how inaction on transportation funding will impact public safety, the economy and jobs. Visitors to the site will also find a page outlining Corbett’s transportation funding plan.

Corbett announced his transportation funding plan in February, which would invest an additional $1.8 billion annually in Pennsylvania’s transportation system by its fifth year.

To learn more about Corbett’s proposal and transportation funding, visit

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