Programs Announced at Parker Dam

PENFIELD – The following programs have been announced for Parker Dam State Park.

Friday, June 14

Shade-Grown Coffee and Sweet Fern Tea  6:30 p.m. – Beach House

Come enjoy a cup of shade grown coffee after supper!  Sweet fern tea will also be available to meet your evening tradition.  Learn about the benefits of shade grown coffee and how you can do your part to support our songbirds.

Night Excursion 

9 p.m. – Beach House

Adaptations used by wildlife for night-time survival are diverse. From special vision to silent stalking, you’ll learn about these adaptations through various activities along the way- including spider sniffing! Please, no flashlights while hiking-so that participants can use their night vision.

Saturday, June 15

Trash to Treasure

3 p.m. – Environmental Education Classroom

Recycling is a practice we all know about, but we probably don’t always do our best to carry out. Here’s a chance for you to take waste materials headed to the landfill, and turn them into something wonderful- maybe even for dad on this Father’s Day.

Parker Dam Fitness Club

6 p.m. – Beach House 

Come one, come all!  Join the park staff as we make fitness a priority in 2013!  Parker Dam State Park will facilitate a monthly outdoor excursion, the third Saturday of every month. Our first outing will consist of hiking the Sullivan Ridge – Abbot Hollow loop.  Get some exercise and meet new people in the park’s tranquil setting!  Continuation of this program will be dependent on patron interest.

Bat Count

8 p.m. – behind Beach House 

We’ll take a quick paddle around the lake, and then head to the bat boxes near the dam to count the number of bats that emerge for their nighttime hunt for insects.  You can bring your own canoe or kayak, or you can borrow one of the park’s limited-number of kayaks.  If you’re not one for water, head to the stone tower at the shore of the dam to see the batty action with the counters in kayaks.  Please, no pets.

Sunday, June 16

Fabulous Fur Coats

3 p.m. – Beach House

Anyone know who this fur belongs to?  Chances are, it may have been a relative of a resident at Parker Dam State Park.  Learn how to identify the fur coats of many of the mammals that call the park home.

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