America’s Motorsports Park Results – May 25, 2013

Press release by Terry Whetstone


CLEARFIELD, PA – America’s Motorsports Park braved the weather on Memorial Day weekend and crowned three new winners including Denny Fenton of Clearfield in the Randy Sterling Trucking Late Models, Jake Shady of Beech Creek in the Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Semi Lates and Scott Winslow of Weedville in the Harter and Sons Street Stocks.
Repeat winners included: Jason Beichner of Shippenville in the Quigley’s Pub Pure Stocks and Stephanie Ivory of Coalport in the Clearfield County Metals Four Cylinders.
The Late Models saw Denny Fenton and Justin Kanouff lead the field to the green flag with Fenton taking the lead and Kanouff in second. On lap four, Bill Davis took the second spot from Kanouff and reeled in Fenton, pulling along side several times. While they were fighting for the lead, the race through the field was also an exciting one, as Chris Farrell, Luke Hoffner, Rodney Phillips and Duane Stiner were all jockeying for position from deep in the field, with positions swapping lap-after-lap, all the while it was still Fenton and Davis up front. Scott Alvetro managed to get his way into third and he was hounding Davis, which created a three car battle for the win, but it was Fenton who came away with the win. The top five were Fenton, Davis, Alvetro, Hoffner and Kanouff. Heat wins went to Fenton and Hoffner.
The Semi Late division is growing each week with five cars in the pits this week. Jake Shady and Denny Fenton led the field to the green flag, as the first lap was made it was Dylan Fenton who was leading with Denny Fenton in second and Shady and Jackie Phillips fighting for third. As the race continued, Shady moved into second and as two laps were left, it was a bobble by Dylan Fenton that opened the door for Shady to get the lead and the eventual win. Dylan Fenton was second, Phillips was third, Chad Desmett was fourth and Denny Fenton was fifth. Dylan Fenton won the heat.
Scott Winslow and Dan Henry brought the Street Stocks to Allan Luzier’s green flag with Winslow taking the lead and Henry sitting second. A caution on lap four slowed the field and on the restart Curtis Teats lined up second and as the green waved, Teats dove under Winslow and spun both drivers out in turns one and two. This sent Teats to the rear and gave Winslow the lead back. As the race went green again it was still Winslow in the lead with Tim Fannin in second and Dan Smeal now third. As the checkered flag fell it was Winslow taking the win with Fannin second, Smeal third, Joe Jordan came from 10th to fourth and Bill Phillips Jr. came from 15th to fifth. Heat wins went to Matt Hugill and Jamie Price.
The Pure Stock feature wasn’t a run-away by any means, as Jim Challingsworth beat Johnny Marcomac off the line and set the pace for the first six laps, then Chris Myers used the outside and made it work, taking the lead on lap seven. He led for two laps before Cody Hummel took the lead. He was able to hold the top spot until lap 12, when he lost the handle in turn two and spun in front of the field. As the race restarted it was now Jason Beichner who inherited the lead and his second win of the season. The top five were: Beichner, Ben Krause, Hummel, Macormac and Andrew Frey. Heat wins went to Beichner and Myers.
By the luck of the invert, Stephanie Ivory and Dustin Kemp led the Four Cylinders to the start with Ivory taking the lead and Kemp fell to second, then Aaron Luzier moved past Kemp, Bryan Warren and Eric Luzier for second on lap seven and set his sights on the leader, but Ivory was determined to get another as she held off Aaron Luzier, Stephanie Lucas, Mike Lucas and Warren. Aaron Luzier and Bryan Warren won the heats.
AMP Notes: There were a total of 61 cars in the pits, including 15 Late Models, 5 Semi Lates, 16 Street Stocks, 11 Pure Stocks and 14 4-Cylinders…Coming up this week is the return of the Racesaver 305 Sprints along with another five-division AMPED up show, including Late Models, Semi Lates, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Four Cylinders…It’s also Autism Awareness night with a number of items to be given away. Gates open at 3 with race time set for 6:30 p.m…Coming up on July 3 is a special appearance by the 410 Sprints…For more information check the website at
Randy Sterling Trucking Late Models: 1. Denny Fenton, Clearfield; 2. Bill Davis; 3. Scott Alvetro; 4. Luke Hoffner; 5. Justin Kanouff; 6. Duane Stiner; 7. Rodney Phillips; 8. Dan Gill; 9. Travis Brady; 10. Steve Scaife; 11. Chris Farrell; 12. Tim Steis; 13. Danny Kienitz; 14. Dave Buchanon; 15. Carl Pearce.Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Semi Lates: 1. Jake Shady, Beech Creek; 2. Dylan Fenton; 3. Jackie Phillips; 4. Chad Desmett; 5. Denny Fenton.

Harter and Son’s Garage Street Stocks: 1. Paul Blake, Weedville; 2. Tim Fannin; 3. Dan Smeal; 4. Joe Jordan; 5. Bill Phillips, Jr.; 6. Doug Tibbens; 7. Rick Hemphill; 8. Tony Brown; 9. Curtis Teats; 10. Brent Lee; 11. Dale Yaney; 12. Ron Mertz; 13. Matt Hugill; 14. Jamie Price; 15. Dan Henry; 16. Dustin Challingsworth.

Quigley’s Pub Pure Stocks: 1. Jason Beichner, Shippenville; 2. Ben Krause; 3. Cody Humel; 4. Johnny Macormac; 5. Andrew Frey; 6. Eric Lucas; 7. Jim Challingsworth; 8. Jay Blum; 9. Zach Huff; 10. Chris Myers; 11. George Bailey (DNS).

Clearfield County Metals Front Wheel Drive 4 Cylinders: 1. Stephanie Ivory, Coalport; 2. Aaron Luzier; 3. Stephanie Lucas; 4. Mike Lucas; 5. Bryan Warren; 6. Joshua Henry; 7. Tony Hugill; 8. Milton Owens; 9. Cody McNaughton; 10. David Helsel; 11. Dustin McGovern; 12. Dustin Kemp; 13 Eric Luzier; 14. Dan Bish.

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