LTE: No Peace for Israel

Dear Editor:

I take exception to the two state solution proposed for Israel and Palestine.

Some people, including world leaders, are proposing setting borders for a Palestinian state in the West Bank, a conditional Israeli settlement building freeze, a Jerusalem agreement and a Palestinian relinquishment of the claim for the right of return for millions of Arabs.

All these proposals sound like wonderful ideas when sitting around a table negotiating so-called peace for Israel and the Palestinians, but there is a major fallacy associated with a peace agreement.  The Palestinians, like other Arabs and the Persians, cannot be trusted to honor any documents they might agree to and sign with Israel.  They hate the Israeli Jews and will tear up a peace treaty and attack Israel when the opportunity arises.

Israel can negotiate with the Palestinians and others in the Middle East, but must realize peace is not possible with its neighbors.  War might not come next week or next year, but it is inevitable, and Israel has to prepare for it.  Peace in the

Middle East is an interlude for Israel to prepare for the next war ad infinitum.  Israel’s wars might be preludes to future warfare around the globe.

Donald A. Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH

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