In Clearfield Borough . . . Council to Ask Kavelak to Resign

(GantDaily File Photo)

(GantDaily File Photo)

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Borough Council will ask Councilwoman Patricia Kavelak to resign from her seat due to her absenteeism.

At Thursday night’s committee meetings, Councilman Fred Wisor recommended they contact Kavelak by letter and ask for her resignation. Wisor said Kavelak had yet to attend a council meeting so far this calendar year.

According to him, Kavelak is still being paid for being a member of borough council. He said they cannot force her out of her seat and can only ask for her to willingly resign.

Wisor, who is on the Personnel Committee, raised the issue before council, as he wasn’t sure of the proper procedure for resolving the matter. Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said there had been a rule that involved a council member missing two consecutive meetings. However, she said it had been overturned at the state level.

“I think the people she represents would want someone to sit here to represent Third Ward,” said Council member James Kling.

Wisor said the council would have 30 days to appoint someone if Kavelak would resign from her seat.

Council member Tim Winters suggested that council appoint someone who is not currently running for Kavelak’s seat this upcoming election.

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