Janocko Named Principal of CAHS

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield school board voted, 8-1, to approve Tim Janocko as the principal of the Clearfield Area High School at Monday night’s combined committee and board meeting.

Board members Dave Glass, Mary Anne Jackson, Dr. Michael Spencer, Susan Mikesell, Larry Putt, Jennifer Wallace, Tim Morgan and Rick Schickling all voted in favor. Board member Phil Carr cast the lone nay vote.

Prior to the board’s vote, Carr asked the board to separate Janocko’s hiring from the other education and personnel items. He explained to Janocko that he didn’t agree with an administrator also being a head athletic coach.

Before voting in favor, Jackson said she shared the same concerns as Carr and wished Janocko’s abilities could be directly solely toward academics, not that he hasn’t been doing so already.

In May of 2012, Janocko was promoted from assistant principal to interim principal. He replaced former Principal Kevin Wallace, who resigned from the position in April of 2012.

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