Liquor Privatization Bill Passes House

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvanians are now one step closer to having real choice and convenience as wine, spirits and beer consumers, Gov. Tom Corbett said after the House passed House Bill 790, the liquor privatization bill, by a vote of 105-90.

“It is truly a historic day,” Corbett said. “Never before has a liquor privatization bill passed through either chamber of the legislature, and I am extremely proud of the hard work and commitment the House and their leadership have shown to the people of Pennsylvania today.”

“Finally, a bill to bring Pennsylvania into the 21st century and provide Pennsylvanians with the convenience and choice that Americans in 48 other states enjoy is now on its way to the Senate,” Corbett said. We still have a way to go, but I trust that the Senate will diligently work with us to ensure that Pennsylvanians get the convenience they’ve been wanting for years.”

Corbett said that House Bill 790 ends the state’s role as the sole wholesaler and retailer of wine and spirits, allows for true consumer choice and increases enforcement, fines and penalties.

“The House’s success is a clear reflection of popular support this issue has,” Corbett said. “I want to thank Reps. Mike Turzai and John Taylor for their strong leadership on this issue.”

“To the consumers in Pennsylvania who want real choice and convenience, continue to call your senators and let them know where you stand.”

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