DuBois City to Draft Noise Ordinance

DUBOIS – East Side Sports Bar Owner Ken Kepple approached the DuBois City Council regarding the creation of a noise ordinance during Monday night’s meeting.

Kepple said Pennsylvania’s noise ordinance linked to the Liquor Control Board was excessive. He said a fine could be up to $5,000 and lead to points against his liquor license if a single note of music is heard outside of his property.

“We’re looking for fair guidelines, where somebody brings in a decibel meter,” said Kepple.

Kepple suggested that DuBois City create its own noise ordinance based on objective decibel levels.  He said that he and other businesses were willing to pay for the equipment, and the city would make money from any fines from such a noise ordinance.

“We’re not looking for a free ride here.  We’ll still be under the jurisdiction of the city,” said Kepple.

Jeff Vicklund asked if the noise ordinance would apply against his neighbor’s all-terrain vehicles.  Tammy Wilson asked if it could be applied against vehicles in the city with loud exhaust kits.

Prompted by council member Edward Walsh, Solicitor Toni Cherry said that the ordinance would apply to everyone.  Walsh then asked about the effect it would have on DuBois Community Days and the local concert events.  Cherry said the city would have the option of sometimes choosing not to enforce ordinances but asked if DuBois Community Days is technically held by the city in order for that to apply.

“I don’t know how easy it is to regulate.  We don’t want the police chasing after phantom cars,” said Cherry.

Kepple suggested basing the ordinance on Harrisburg’s, but he did not have a copy available for council to review.

The council voted to move ahead in drafting a noise ordinance, so that it could have a more concrete discussion in the future.

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