WJAC-TV: Corbett Fights Open Records Office over Access to Work Calendars, Emails

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania court must decide if the governor’s office is required to give certain documents to a state open-records agency for review.

The case involves an Associated Press request for Gov. Tom Corbett’s work calendars and emails.

 The governor’s office has redacted some emails and calendar entries, citing exceptions to the state’s Right to Know Law.

The missing information includes the subject of scheduled meetings. Corbett’s office says that could suggest the nature of private, internal deliberations.

In a second round of arguments Wednesday in Commonwealth Court, the governor’s office asked for court hearings to determine if material must be disclosed to the Office of Open Records. 

That agency would then decide if news organizations should get the information.

The agency says the court hearings would hinder its ability to answer requests within the required 20 days.

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