Wozniak Comments on Corbett Budget Proposal

HARRISBURG – State Sen. John N. Wozniak today issued the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget proposal:

“As we have seen in the past two years, the budget that gets through the legislature this summer will be substantially different than what the governor outlined today.

The governor revealed his vision for the commonwealth and it seems clear already that the people of Pennsylvania have a substantially different vision.

Attempting to handcuff one year of education funding to a plan to sell off liquor stores is a gimmick, not a long-term solution to Pennsylvania’s declining investment in, and performance of, public schools.  Over the past two years, four out of five school districts have raised property taxes and without significant education reform and a sustainable plan for funding, that trend will continue.

It is good news that, nearly 18 months after getting the Transportation Funding Commission’s recommendations, the administration is finally considering our crumbling infrastructure a priority.   I’m looking forward to working with committee chairs in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle on creating a final plan that will make our roads and bridges safer, while creating thousands of jobs that will improve our weak economic growth.

There is a long way to go between now and the end of June and I’m confident that we can work with the administration to get past the politics and get the numbers right.”

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