WJAC-TV: Vigil Held on Anniversary of Joe Paterno’s Death

Joe Paterno (Photo provided by GoPSUsports.com)

STATE COLLEGE – A crowd of hundreds gathered to remember Penn State’s legendary head football coach Joe Paterno at a vigil Tuesday night in downtown State College.

The vigil was held for the one-year anniversary of Paterno’s death, which is a day that still hangs heavy in the hearts of many Penn State fans.

“I had written a poem. It’s called a Penn State Treasure All our Own. It’s all about Joe and the day he died. It’ll always be a dark day – January 22, said Ed Sirianni”

The vigil was the only event held Tuesday in State College to remember Paterno. Many were thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the life of their coach.

Liz Pierce of State College said, “Somebody took initiative and wasn’t afraid of the backlash. Someone wanted to say thankful in a respectful way.

“It’s a quiet and considerably small celebration, but many say that’s just what this community needs – a moment of peace – if only for the night.

Pierce added, “I think its touching. Just sit and listen . . . you hear respect. It’s one of the only times you’ll hear this in this town. It’s wonderful.”

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