WJAC-TV: Hundreds Attend Public Hearing for Boggs Twp. Landfill

WEST DECATUR – Hundreds of Clearfield County residents voiced their opinions of the proposed Camp Hope Run Landfill in Boggs Township during a public hearing conducted by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection on Tuesday night at the Lighthouse Evangelical Church in West Decatur, according to GantDaily.com news partner WJAC-TV.

About seven years ago, PA Waste LLC initiated its proposal for constructing a landfill that would be located on an 845-acre facility boundary along state Route 153. The proposed landfill would be double-lined and able to receive 5,000 tons of waste daily for the next 25 years. At the time of the original landfill proposal, many residents expressed displeasure, which has grown since the DEP determined the benefits outweighed the potential harms after completing the Environmental Assessment Process in late August.

The DEP conducted the public hearing for the proposed landfill at the request of the Clearfield County Commissioners. DEP officials said they wanted to collect “meaningful testimony from the citizens in Clearfield County and the surrounding areas” regarding the landfill proposal.

Many residents opposed the construction of the proposed landfill, citing its location near seismic faults. For that reason, they said their drinking water could potentially be contaminated if the landfill liners would ever leak. DEP officials said they would have the proper equipment installed to ensure the residents’ drinking water would be protected.

Other residents argued if constructed, the proposed landfill would increase truck traffic. They said truck traffic would not only increase along SR 153 near the proposed landfill’s location, but also through the surrounding municipalities.

While the majority of residents who attended stood in opposition, others supported the proposed landfill even though its waste would be hauled in from New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia.  These residents believed the landfill would create “good paying jobs” and increase local revenues.

DEP officials said they would consider the testimony presented at the public hearing in making their final decision on the proposed landfill.

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