Clearfield’s Stone, Barger Earn Tool City Wrestling Tourney Crowns

MEADVILLE — At the 34th Annual Tool City Wrestling Tournament at Meadville High School on Saturday, Clearfield’s Christian Stone at 132 and Nolan Barger at 145 won their respective weight classes to lead the Bison to a 10th place finish out of 17 teams.

For his efforts, Stone was honored with the AAA Outstanding Wrestler Award – his second of the year, as he also won OW at the Top Hat tourney back in December. Stone, the top seed,  picked up three falls during his 4-0 run through the tourney, including an overtime fall at the 6:57 mark of the finals over Nick Gibson of Erie McDowell. Stone remained undefeated on the season at 12-0.

At 145 fellow senior Nolan Barger, the number two seed, dismantled top seeded RJ Boozer of Cochranton in the finals, 12-2, to up his season record to 11-1.

The third of Clearfield’s “Big 3”, Dylan Graham at 126 was defeated in the semifinals but won his final two matches to earn the bronze medal. Graham raised his season record to 11-2 with his 4-1 record over the two-day tourney.

Joining the three seniors on the medal stand for Clearfield was sophomore Noah Cline at 120, who garnered a sixth place finish with his 3-3 tourney mark. Cline sits at 10-5 for the year.

Four other Bison had picked up opening night wins and advanced to the second day of wrestling, but all dropped their first consolation match – freshmen Logan Gilbert at 106 and Josiah McClarren at 113, senior Mike Beck at 152, and junior Jake Verchick at 182.

General McLane picked up their first ever Tool City team championship with 203.5 points. DuBois, who claimed three titles, was a distant second with 171 points and Clearfield finished in 10th with 94 points.

Clearfield (2-2) will return to dual meet action on Tuesday January 8 when they travel to Penns Valley to face the undefeated Rams who are 9-0 on the season.

Second day Tool City results courtesy the Meadville Tribune:

Final team standings and key: 1. General McLane (GM) 203.5; 2. DuBois (D) 171; 3. Boiling Springs (BS) 165; 4. Fort LeBoeuf (FL) 162.5; 5. McDowell (McD) 154.5; 6. Greenville (G) 125; 7. Saegertown (Saeg) 121.5; 8. Cochranton (Coch) 111; 9. Howland (H) 95; 10. Clearfield (Clear) 94; 11. Cathedral Prep (CP) 93; 12. Warren (W) 67.5; 13. Thomas Jefferson (TJ) 61.5; 14. Meadville (Mead) 54; 15. Seneca Valley (SV) 48; 16. Titusville (Ti) 42.5; 17. Conneaut (Conn) 35.
Third Round Consolation
106: Jase Paxson (G) dec. Logan Gilbert (Clear), 5-2; Alex Lynch (SV) pinned Isaac Bengal (FL), 3:47; TaNauz Gregory (CP) pinned Jonathan Day (BS), 1:33; Aaron Ehrgott (Mead) won by forfeit over Tyler Newman (TJ).
113: Joey Safner (Green) dec. Ben Lynch (SV), 1-0; Jarrette Carter (FL) dec. Nico Lucarelli (H), 2-0; Benji Yates (McD) pinned Nate Kline (Coch), 1:24; Nick Burkett (TJ) pinned Josiah McClarren, 4:40.
120: Kyle Luben (Mead) dec. Seth Johnson (W), 3-0; Noah Cline (Clear) dec. Kody Cox (D), 9-6; Aaron Jackson (H) dec. Bingbong Elizon (Saeg), 5-0; Hunter Hendricks (GM) dec. Nick Zoria (SV), 6-4.
126: Alex Cornicelli (H) major dec. Jared Morrison (Coch), 14-3; Kyle Lukowich (Conn) dec. Tyler Kuzma (FL), 5-0; Coleman Cousins (McD) pinned Alex Root (CP), 4:43; Keller Watkins (GM) major dec. Brock Ridgeway (Mead), 12-0.
132: Jason McKown (TJ) pinned Dalton Burns (Ti), 2:48; Deane Twitchell (GM) dec. Derek Watt (Green), 8-7; Andrew Mellott (BS) tech. fall Garrett Zuver (Saeg), 19-4; Jason Peterson (W) dec. Jacob Yarnell (Coch), 9-7.
138: Ken Stoll (GM) tech. fall Marco Marinelli (TJ), 4:40; Jonah Hordusky (W) dec. Easton Hogue (Ti), 5-2; Brad Carlini (Coch) dec. Andy Hutzel (CP), 7-5; Travis Wickard (BS) pinned Noah Burkhart (McD), 5:17.
145: Brad Malinowski (FL) dec. Aaron Jackson (Saeg), 3-1; Jacob Brown (Green) dec. Kyle Sult (GM), 9-4; Cody Nolan (McD) dec. Tyler Kauffman (BS), 7-1; Teegan O’Sullivan (CP) pinned Greg Incardona (TJ), 3:57.
152: Garrett Smead (W) dec. Mike Beck (Clear), 6-2; Gabe Stark (H) pinned Brad Davison (Conn), :45; John Vaughn (BS) dec. Ryan Dailey (McD), 5-1; Caleb Peterson (Coch) pinned Lance Neuscheler, 3:59.
160: Ryan Northcott (Coch) major dec. Stephen Rudolph (SV), 13-3; Andrew Boylan (Saeg) dec. Connor Murphy (BS), 6-4; Gage Gladysz (Green) pinned Joe Campanella (McD), 4:52; Ossie Bowers (GM) pinned Cody Gunn (W), 2:33.
170: Kyle Rodgers (McD) dec. Jeremy Mitchell (Saeg), 3-0; Xavier DeRose (Ti) dec. Byron Minous (TJ), 3-1; Louis Crawford (Mead) dec. Jake Middleton (FL), 5-2; Jordan Radich (H) pinned Brad Hensler (SV), 4:03.
182: Jake Eaton (SV) dec. Eli Humes (FL), 1-0; Josh Grodesky (H) dec. Jake Verchick (Clear), 7-3; Kyle Taylor (BS) dec. Chris McNeal (W), 5-0; Justin Reynolds (Green) pinned Phil Selker (CP), 4:20.
195: Andrew Rolfe (H) pinned Mike Irwin (Coch), :31; Ryan Muma (SV) pinned Dan Henry (W), 2:09; Brock Henderson (Saeg) pinned Dominic Kramer (CP), 1:48; Alex Ho (Green) dec. Brad Hanna (Ti), 5-1.
220: Calvin Barrick (BS) pinned Curt Mignot (Clear), :30; James Wilkerson (Green) dec. Tyler Miller (SV), 3-1; Nick Davido (D) pinned Will Stoffell (TJ), 2:37; Jack Finch (H) pinned Bret Hunt (Mead), 2:16.
285: Braden Gladysz (Green) pinned Robert Zilhaver (D), 2:02; Brady Moore (SV) pinned Brian Lipps (Conn), 2:23; John Macken (Saeg) pinned Noah Davis (BS), 2:24; Ian Mallory (GM) pinned Jason Oakes (Ti), 4:05.
Fourth Round Consolation
106: Paxson (Green) major dec. Lynch (SV), 10-0; Ehrgott (Mead) pinned Gregory (CP), 4:57.
113: Carter (FL) pinned Safner (Green), 3:43; Yates (McD) dec. Burkett (TJ), 8-7.
120: Cline (Clear) dec. Luben (Mead), 4-3; Hendricks (GM) pinned Jackson (H), 3:22.
126: Lukowich (Conn) dec. Cornicelli (H), 2-0; Watkins (GM) dec. Cousins 1-0.
132: McKown (TJ) dec. Twitchell (GM), 8-6; Mellott (BS) pinned Peterson (W), :50.
138: Stoll (GM) dec. Hordusky (W), 9-2; Carlini (Coch) dec. Wickard (BS), 8-2.
145: Malinowski (FL) dec. Brown (Green), 3-1; Nolan (McD) dec. O’Sullivan (CP), 7-2.
152: Stark (H) dec. Smead (W), 6-3; Vaughn (BS) dec. Peterson (Coch), 8-2.
160: Northcott (Coch) pinned Boylan (Saeg), 4:21; Bowers (GM) dec. Gladysz (Green), 13-2.
170: Rodgers (McD) dec. DeRose (Ti), 2-0; Crawford (Mead) pinned Radich (H), 4:51.
182: Grodesky (H) dec. Eaton (SV), 2-1; Reynolds (Green) dec. Taylor (BS), 2-1.
195: Rolfe (H) pinned Muma (SV), 2:50; Ho (Green) dec. Henderson (Saeg), 6-2.
220: Barrick (BS) pinned Wilkerson (Green), 1:32; Davido (D) major dec. Finch (H), 10-0.
285: Gladysz (Green) pinned Moore (SV), :56; Mallory (GM) pinned Macken (Saeg), 2:54.
Championship Semifinals
106: Devin Brown (Saeg) dec. Shae Bloom (D), 9-7; Joe Wheeling (GM) dec. Charlie Lenox (McD), 3-2.
113: Korbin Myers (BS) pinned Bryce Swauger (D), 4:55; Jake Gromacki (CP) dec. Tyler Vath (Saeg), 5-1.
120: Grant Bond (BS) dec. John Ciotti (CP), 7-3; Paul Deitz (McD) dec. Adam Borgia (FL), 9-2.
126: DJ Fehlman (W) dec. Nick Monico (Saeg), 5-3; Kyle Shoop (BS) major dec. Dylan Graham (Clear), 17-7.
132: Christian Stone (Clear) pinned Beau Coletta (CP), 1:28; Nick Gibson (McD) dec. George McGuire (FL), 12-6.
138: Garrett Brown (D) dec. Matt Humes (Saeg), 7-3; Jacob Riffe (Green) dec. Zach Luben, 3-2.
145: Robert Boozer (Coch) pinned Taylor Ellis (Conn), 2:54; Nolan Barger (Clear) dec. Austin Leon (SV), 7-1.
152: Dan Krysiak (CP) dec. Taylor Harrington (FL), 5-3; Mike Sutton (GM) pinned Blake Horne (Green), :58.
160: Ehrin Lee (Ti) dec. David Brian Whisler (H), 8-1; Mike Kennelly (D) dec. Taylor Fox (FL), 4-3.
170: Tom Sleigh (D) major dec. Tyler Hendricks (GM), 8-0; Austin Andrew (Coch) dec. Zach Miller (Green), 9-2.
182: Dylan Reynolds (Saeg) dec. Chris Laird (GM), 9-3; Shane Marshall (D) dec. Andrew Bradley (McD), 4-2.
195: Landon Hanna (D) pinned Nate Gouhin (BS), 1:22; Garrette Reinwald (FL) dec. Andrew Rolfe (H), 8-7.
220: Evan Daley (FL) major dec. Jake Baker (GM), 10-0; Cam Cyphert (Coch) pinned Alex Streich (W), :50.
285: Scot Augustine (McD) dec. Mike Bell (H), 3-2; Thor Henz (TJ) dec. Nate Conti (FL), 11-4.
Fifth Round Consolation
106: Lenox (McD) pinned Paxson (Green), 2:44; Bloom (D) major dec. Ehrgott (Mead), 13-0.
113: Carter (FL) dec. Swauger (D), 1-0; Vath (Saeg) pinned Yates (McD), 1:40.
120: Borgia (FL) pinned Cline (Clear), 2:57; Ciotti (CP) dec. Hendricks (GM), 6-0.
126: Graham (Clear) dec. Lukowich (Conn), 3-1; Watkins (GM) dec. Monico (Saeg), 1-0.
132: McGuire (FL) pinned McKown (TJ), 3:42; Mellott (BS) injury default Coletta (CP).
138: Stoll (GM) pinned Zach Luben (Mead), :16; Humes (Saeg) dec. Carlini (Coch), 5-0.
145: Malinowski (FL) dec. Ellis (Conn), 8-3; Nolan (McD) dec. Leon (SV), 3-2.
152: Stark (H) dec. Horne (Green), 5-0; Vaughn (BS) dec. Harrington (FL), 5-3.
160: Northcott (Coch) pinned Whisler (H), 2:06; Bowers (GM) dec. Fox (FL), 1-0.
170: Hendricks (GM) dec. Rodgers (McD), 6-2; Miller (Green) dec. Crawford (Mead), 7-5.
182: Laird (GM) dec. Grodesky (H), 7-3; Bradley (McD) dec. Reynolds (Green), 4-0.
195: Rolfe (H) dec. Gouhlin (BS), 3-0; Thayer (GM) pinned Ho (Green), 2:00.
220: Baker (GM) dec. Barrick (BS), 3-1; Davido (D) dec. Streich (W), 4-0.
285: Bell (H) dec. Gladysz (Green), 5-4; Conti (FL) pinned Mallory (GM), 1:21.
Fifth-Place Finals
106: Ehrgott (Mead) dec. Paxson (Green), 4-1.
113: Swauger (D) dec. Yates (McD) 7-4.
120: Hendricks (GM) dec. Cline (Clear), 4-2.
126: Lukowich (Conn) dec. Monico (Saeg), 3-1.
132: McGuire (FL) dec. Mellott (BS), 2-0.
138: Luben (Mead) dec. Carlini (Coch), 9-4.
145: Ellis (Conn) dec. Leon (SV), 8-7.
152: Harrington (FL) dec. Horne (Green), 5-2.
160: Fox (FL) dec. Whisler (H), 6-3.
170: Crawford (Mead) dec. Rogers (McD), 7-0.
182: Reynolds (Green) dec. Grodesky (H), 4-2.
195: Gouhin (BS) dec. Ho (Green), 9-2.
220: Streich (W) dec. Barrick (BS), 1-0.
285: Gladysz (Green) pinned Mallory (GM), 2:55.
Third-Place Finals
106: Lenox (McD) dec. Bloom (D), 3-2.
113: Vath (Saeg) dec. Carter (FL), 7-1.
120: Ciotti (CP) dec. Borgia (FL), 3-1.
126: Graham (Clear) dec. Watkins (GM), 8-1.
132: McKown (TJ) injury default over Coletta (CP).
138: Humes (Saeg) dec. Stoll (GM), 10-3.
145: Nolan (McD) dec. Malinowski (FL), 3-2.
152: Stark (H) pinned Vaughn (BS), :39.
160: Bowers (GM) dec. Northcott (Coch), 4-3.
170: Hendricks (GM) pinned Miller (Green), 3:56.
182: Laird (GM) dec. Bradley (McD), 7-3.
195: Thayer (GM) major dec. Rolfe (H), 10-2.
220: Baker (GM) dec. Davido (D), 3-0.
285: Conti (FL) dec. Bell (H), 5-4.
Championship Finals
106: Brown (Saeg) pinned Wheeling (GM), 3:52.
113: Myers (BS) dec. Gromacki (CP), 2-1.
120: Bond (BS) dec. Deitz (McD), 8-2.
126: Fehlman (W) won by medical forfeit over Shoop (BS).
132: Stone (Clear) pinned Gibson (McD), 6:57.
138: Brown (D) pinned Riffe (Green), 5:30.
145: Barger (Clear) major dec. Boozer (Coch), 12-2.
152: Sutton (GM) dec. Krysiak (CP), 5-1.
160: Lee (Ti) major dec. Kennelly (D), 12-2.
170: Sleigh (D) major dec. Andrews (Coch), 8-0.
182: Reynolds (Saeg) dec. Marshall (D), 5-3.
195: Hanna (D) pinned Reinwald (FL), :54.
220: Daley (FL) dec. Cyphert (Coch), 6-4 OT.
285: Augustine (McD) dec. Henz (TJ), 5-2.


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