Corbett Re-Emphasizes Support for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Efforts within PA

Gov. Tom Corbett (Commonwealth Media Services)

HARRISBURG – This week, Gov. Tom Corbett announced the filing of an antitrust lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), calling the trade association’s sanctions against Penn State “overreaching and unlawful.” One of the sanctions imposed was a $60 million fine.

Corbett’s Complaint takes issue with the NCAA’s lack of authority to impose the $60 million fine, compounded by its refusal to commit to the expenditure of the monies only to programs within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Corbett made clear, however, that if the lawsuit is successful, he would recommend to Penn State’s Board of Trustees that they dedicate $60 million to the university’s ongoing efforts to help child abuse victims and keep those funds in Pennsylvania.

“I would suggest that they take the $60 million and use it to continue the work they’ve already been doing,” Corbett said Wednesday, “such as the efforts they’ve made with groups like the PA Coalition Against Rape. Penn State should continue to work with victims of sexual abuse and toward preventative efforts so we can ensure that tragedies like this never happen again.”

“Penn State on its own has accepted their moral responsibility and have been making great strides in their work,” Corbett said. “I am confident that work will continue for years to come.”

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