Don’t Get Plowed In

PennDOT offers driveway plowing information

CLEARFIELD – Winter weather is here, making it challenging to keep your driveway entrance open.

Having your driveway entrance plowed shut can be easily avoided. At the end of your driveway, as you face the street, clear an area to the left of your driveway entrance that’s about the width of the driveway entrance and about three feet back from the street. The plow truck will be able to empty snow into this cleared space.

Keeping an area to the left of the driveway entrance clear of snow will keep the driveway entrance open and allow you a better view of oncoming traffic before entering the street or highway.

PennDOT also reminds motorists that it is illegal to deposit snow or ice onto a state highway or any public roadway. If you are clearing snow, please—do not place it out onto the road.

 If you are plowing and pushing snow across a road, please make sure to remove all windrows.  A windrow is a long, low ridge of excess material (such as built-up snow). PennDOT is committed to providing the best service possible throughout winter. Responsible plowing and driveway clearing by residents and motorists is greatly appreciated.

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