CNB Raises More than 4K for Charity

CLEARFIELD – CNB Bank employees dressed casually on five, different occasions throughout the year in exchange for a donation to a specified charitable organization. In doing so, CNB employees raised more than $4,000, which was donated to the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, Cystic Fibrosis, the Salvation Army and Disabled American Veterans, respectively.

On Feb. 3, the Human Resources department of CNB Bank launched the 2012 “Casual for a Cause” program and designated “football” day to benefit the local American Heart Association. Employees were allowed to dress in jeans and sneakers with their favorite football jersey or team colors in exchange for a donation to the American Heart Association.

On May 18, “Paint Your Town Purple” brought out the color purple, as the staff readily made their donation to benefit the American Cancer Society. On July 13, the staff celebrated “tropical” day by wearing Hawaiian shirts or brightly-colored tropical clothing to benefit Cystic Fibrosis.

On Sept. 14, “harvest” day brought out the flannel shirts and fall colors to benefit the Salvation Army. And, most recently, Nov. 9 was designated “Salute the Troops” day and the staff wore their red, white and blue to benefit Disabled American Veterans.

“The employees are always anxious to dress in the comfort of jeans and sneakers,” Joe Bower, president and chief executive officer of CNB Bank. “By making donations to charitable organizations, the limited casual days were well-received by our customers, and of course, the employees were delighted. It was a win-win, and I’m impressed with the dollar amount that was raised for the organizations.”

Due to the positive response, Mary Ann Conaway, vice president of Human Resources, announced CNB Bank employees will be participating in similar “Casual for a Cause” events in 2013, which will benefit four to five different charities.

Conaway said, “On each occasion, we had such positive feedback from the staff – they just love it. Casual for a Cause has been a big hit for everyone involved, the employees and organizations alike.”

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