Gant “Expert” Challenge – Week 13

11/24-11/26 Games Jay Siegel Rusty McCracken Chris Morelli Dave Glass Dustin Parks
UCLA-Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford UCLA
Ok. State-Baylor Baylor OSU OSU OSU OSU
Alabama-Georgia Alabama Alabama Alabama Georgia Alabama
Pitt-USF Pitt Pitt Pitt USF USF
Texas-Kansas State K-State Kansas St. Kansas State K-State Texas
Nebraska-Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Nebraska Nebraska Wisconsin
Steelers-Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Steelers
Seahawks-Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
Colts-Lions Lions Lions Colts Lions Colts
Bucs-Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
Bengals-Chargers Bengals Chargers Chargers Chargers Chargers
Giants-Redskins Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants
Last Week 6-6 9-3 6-6 7-5 7-5
Year-to-date 101-43 101-43 98-46 98-46 93-51



The Last Word

Dustin: “Really looking forward to the SEC title game. Picking Bama because of their defense, which will set up what will be one of the biggest games in college football in the last decade. Think about it, Notre Dame vs. Alabama…it will blow everyone’s mind. The NFL has some good matchups again, and I’m looking closely at the Giants-Redskins to see if Eli and company can follow up that beatdown they put on the Packers on Sunday night.”

Dave: “I think Dustin might be the only person I know who is hoping for Alabama-Notre Dame in the title game. Personally, I was REALLY hoping Oregon would make it…oh well. I’ll pick Georgia and hope they can score enough points against the Tide to win. Pitt might be the most schizophrenic team in college football – they have consistently played down to their competition. Maybe it’s something in the water at Heinz Field, because the Steelers have done the same – had they beaten the Titans, Raiders, and Browns, the game this week would be a lot less important with or without Ben. As it is, I think the Ravens win easily – but I’m not a believer in them in January either, Flacco is just way too inconsistent. Colts-Lions might be the most entertaining game of the week – neither team plays any pass defense at all.”

Chris:  “After calling Pitt’s upset of Rutgers last week, I will go back to the well one more time and pick the Panthers to knock off USF this week. The Panthers will clinch a bowl berth! For the first time in many years, Pitt fans will have the upper hand on PSU fans, record notwithstanding. As for the Steelers, the season is OVER. A loss to the Ravens will seal the deal. I can’t see this team winning many of their remaining games. They’re headed for the first sub-.500 record during the Mike Tomlin Era. If only Ben had remained healthy.”

Rusty: “Wow, there are some great games this week. I have to bail on the Bruins this week, but it is tough to beat someone back-to-back – go Cardinal. The toughest decision of the week was Oklahoma State – better defense wins. Wisconsin at home will be hungry and Pitt will have a tough time in Florida. Looking at the pros I wanted to go with the ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme, but settled on Lions, Chargers and Bears, oh well. I’m hoping for snow in Denver – I love to see a good snow bowl. And, finally, what to think about the Steelers – you can’t count on the defense keeping you in the game every week.”

Jay: “In college, I’m hoping that Georgia wins the SEC title game so I have someone to root for in the National Championship game (Alabama vs. ND, ugh – can they both lose, please?), but it’s hard to pick against ‘bama in such a big game. Pitt will probably lose and blow their bowl eligibility, but I picked them anyway. Just a hunch that underdog Wisconsin will come back after two OT losses in a row. That’s just the way these things seem to work. Steelers don’t seem to have a prayer without Big Ben, which is exactly why they’ll probably win – but I’m not picking them. Broncos can clinch their division already, and the G-men sometimes look like the best team in the league.”

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