Police Report: Lawrence Township

  • A traffic violation reportedly occurred in Hyde, where a passenger car has been observed speeding on a regular basis. Extra patrol will be provided to the area.
  • Police are investigating an incident of harassment that occurred at the Centre Elementary School. A known female juvenile allegedly struck another female juvenile while in the park at the school. The female will be cited for harassment.
  • An assault occurred between two female students at the Clearfield Area High School. Charges are currently pending.
  • Police are investigating an incident of access device fraud from a township business Visa card.
  • A child custody issue occurred at the Clearfield Elementary School. The matter was resolved at the school.
  • A traffic violation occurred on Coal Hill Road.
  • Suspicious activity was reported at a West Front Street business.
  • A 911 hang-up call was reported at a Hyde residence after which police determined a young child was playing with the phone.
Police Report: Clearfield Borough
Police Report: Lawrence Township

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