Youth Center to Offer Substance Abuse Training

CLEARFIELD – TAGG Team Ministries and the Crossroad Youth Center will present a substance abuse awareness training program Thursday at the center.

The program is scheduled from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. and features Hallie Carlton, LPC/CAC. The Crossroad Youth Center is located at 126 N. Third St., Clearfield.

The purpose is to provide a “greater, more realistic awareness of the vast and concealed substance abuse problem” that is rampant among the generation of our youth today. From lead pencils to ingredients found in your kitchen to a soda bottle and balloon, Carlton will demonstrate how people use common everyday items to “get high.”  The program will also identify what people’s response can be to this shocking info.

The program is open to parents, teachers, youth workers, volunteers and anyone who “interacts with and youth and who desires to respond to the need.”

There isn’t any cost for the program; this is a free training.

Please contact Taylor Thomas with any questions you have regarding the training at 814-762-8565.

About Hallie Carlton, LPC, CAC

Carlton has been in the human service field for more than 20 years, with a major focus on providing drug and alcohol therapy. Her work experience has been with Children and Youth Services, as a domestic violence counselor and working with adolescents in an alternative school setting.

Currently, she is the director and lead counselor for Two Roads Counseling Services, an outpatient drug and alcohol facility licensed by the State of Pennsylvania.

In addition, she is currently a doctoral candidate in counseling education at Duquesne University, where her educational focus is on issues concerning drug and alcohol use, abuse and addiction.

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