Fall Traditions Highlight Parker Dam Festival and Pumpkin Float


Lit jack-o-lanterns were sent adrift on the lake during the seventh annual Fall Festival and Pumpkin Float Saturday at the Parker Dam State Park.

PENFIELD – The seventh annual Fall Festival and Pumpkin Float arrived Saturday at the Parker Dam State Park.

The festival featured fall traditions, such as Apple Cidering, Candle Dipping, Bannock Bread, Butter Making, Natural Dyes, Leaf Art, Apple Butter and Pioneer Games. At the same time, it incorporated educational programming on topics, such as the Traditional Hide Tanning, Primitive Fire and Bats, Snakes and Spiders.

In addition, several artists and craftspeople displayed their work at the festival. The Friends of the Parker Dam State Park also organized a costume parade for children, the children at heart and pets. The parade weaved through the festival area.

Rain dampened the spirits about half-way through the festival. Some vendors began covering their items and some even pulled out. “Considering the off-and-on rain, it was a good day,” said Carey Huber, Environmental Education Specialist.

Huber said that traditionally, it rains in the morning but then clears up. This year the rain continued all day long in off-and-on spurts. However, the pumpkin carving and the bonfire brought out the crowds once again.

The pumpkins lined the beach walls until lit; soon after they were placed on a raft to float on the lake. They were brought in after some historical stories around the fire by Huber, who was dressed in period costume.

Huber said that the pumpkins used to be left out all night. But they started to pull in the raft so that the children could have their pumpkins before going home.


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