Police Report: Sandy Township

  • On Wednesday, a man who was working on the cooling system on the roof of The Commons reported evidence that someone had been on the roof and caused damage to metal grates and pulled the gutter down.
  • A 52-year-old Smithfield man reported Wednesday that he was feeling threatened by his 21-year-old neighbor.  He alleged his neighbor picked up a bat and placed it beside him while working in his garage. However, the neighbor reported that the 52-year-old and his friends were harassing him. Police handled the situation without incident.
  • A South Main Street man reported Wednesday that he was hearing gunshots near his house. Police responded to a Cardinal Drive residence, where the resident was found legally shooting at a target in his yard.  He agreed to stop.
  • A woman reported Thursday that someone broke into a building she was using for storage on Forsyth Road and ransacked it. 
  • A 56-year-old Hungry Hollow Road resident reported Thursday that her purse was possibly stolen from her friend’s vehicle, while it was parked at the DuBois Mall.
  • A domestic dispute occurred Thursday at a Hanes Drive residence.  The verbal dispute was between a 31-year-old woman and her 31-year-old husband. Police handled the situation without incident.
Police Report: Lawrence Township
Police Report: Lawrence Township

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